New Zero Failure of Tofu Stewed Fish

When a friend eats this dish, he feels it tastes good. He asks for advice. He didnt expect it to be so simple, but so delicious. So this dish has become a feast dish for everyone in the circle of friends.

Food Material List

  • 1 carp One article
  • 2 Bean curd A block
  • 3 Tamiflu Soy Sauce 200g
  • 4 Green Chinese onion One root
  • 5 ginger A block
  • 6 Sichuan Pepper 20 pieces
  • 7 Star anise 2

Operational steps

  • 1 Tofu, fish are cut into large pieces, head cut from the middle
    New Zero Failure
  • 2 Pot hot oil, fried anise, pepper, spicy can put some dry pepper
    New Zero Failure
  • 3 Fried oil poured out
    New Zero Failure
  • 4 Put scallions and ginger in the bottom of the pot.
    New Zero Failure
  • 5 Then put on tofu
    New Zero Failure
  • 6 The top layer is fish.
    New Zero Failure
  • 7 Pour in 200 grams of Veritamex soy sauce
    New Zero Failure
  • 8 Add water to almost submerge the fish, cover the pan and open the fire.
    New Zero Failure
  • 9 Fifteen to twenty minutes, depending on the taste of tofu, the frying oil is poured into the pot and stewed for three or five minutes.
    New Zero Failure
  • 10 Out of the pot, the delicious tofu stewed fish is ready, except for soy sauce.
    New Zero Failure

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