Orange Beer Duck Leg (Less Oil Edition)

I created it by myself. Its really good to eat! ____________ Fruity, flesh and wine. Eat it!

Food Material List

  • 1 duck leg 6 only
  • 2 Orange peel 1
  • 3 Beer 1 bottles
  • 4 Raw smoking and old smoking
  • 5 Onion, ginger and garlic
  • 6 Star anise 4
  • 7 Salt and sugar
  • 8 Chinese cinnamon

Operational steps

  • 1 Wash duck legs and tie holes.
  • 2 The orange peel scrapes off the white part.
    Orange Beer Duck
  • 3 Brush the oil in the frying pan and heat it. Put the duck leg skin on the pot. A lot of duck oil will come out in a minute.
    Orange Beer Duck
  • 4 Its almost oil. Turn to a light fire. Move duck legs and leave some space in the middle of the pot. Put onions, ginger, garlic, anise and cinnamon into the pot to give out fragrance.
    Orange Beer Duck
  • 5 Place the duck legs flat again.
    Orange Beer Duck
  • 6 Beer, raw, old, sugar, salt and water were added to submerge duck legs. The fire boiled. Get rid of the foam and taste it.
    Orange Beer Duck
  • 7 After adjusting the taste, add the orange peel. Turn to low heat and simmer for 90 to 120 minutes until duck is tender. Look at the pot.
  • 8 Gather the juice without cover until the soup is thick. All right.
    Orange Beer Duck

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