Italy cuisine

Sweet and sour fruit milkshake

Food Material List 1 Banana 200g 2 Strawberries (no sweetness) 150g Operational steps 1 Put bananas, frozen strawberries, yogurt and milk in a blender and mix well. 2 Pour it into a cup and decorate it with unsweetened strawberries. Tips

Italy cuisine

Nutritional Ginger Decoction

Food Material List 1 ginger 1 2 Carrot 1 roots Operational steps 1 Cut carrots and ginger into small pieces 2 Put carrot and ginger into soymilk machine, add a handful of peanut rice, add water, press nutrition paste key. Tips If the ginger soup is too spicy, the proportion of carrots and peanuts can …

Italy cuisine

Pomegranate yoghurt

At school, the teacher said the dessert was Spanish. Food Material List 1 Pomegranate 2 Yogurt Operational steps 1 Yogurt is poured into a cup, some pomegranates are put into the refrigerator, and it tastes better when taken out. Tips

Northeast Cuisine

Strawberry Almond Fruit Tea

Food Material List 1 Strawberry 10 pieces 2 Banana 1 roots 3 American almond 20 pieces Operational steps 1 Soak strawberries in dilute salt water for 10 minutes. Rinse them and cut them in half. Peel bananas and cut them into pieces. 2 Pour strawberries, bananas, almonds, honey and cold boiling water into the mixer …


Honey lemon tea

Food Material List 1 Honey lemon 2 water Operational steps 1 Put two pieces of pickled honey lemon in a cup and pour some honey juice (see honey-stained lemon 2 Then add hot water and ice if you like to drink cold. It tastes great. Tips

Italy cuisine

Fruit black tea

Food Material List 1 Navel orange 14 2 Kiwifruit 14 3 Pear 14 4 Black tea 1 packs Operational steps 1 Peel and slice navel orange, kiwifruit and pear into a pot. 2 Put a bag of black tea bags in the pot and ice sugar in it. 3 Pour in boiling water and soak. …


Purple Potato Milkshake

Food Material List 1 Purple sweet potato 2 milk Operational steps 1 Wash purple potatoes and steamed in a steaming pot. Take out the skin and cut into small pieces. 2 Put purple potatoes, a banana and a small piece of apple into the mixing cup of the cooking machine. 3 Pour in milk and …


Sweet and sour lotus root

Lotus root, sweet and crisp, very refreshing, contains a large number of starch, protein, vitamin B, vitamin C, fat, carbohydrates and calcium, phosphorus, iron and other minerals, is the ideal food for vegetarians. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that raw lotus root can cool blood and disperse stasis, cooked food can nourish heart and kidney, nourish …


Coconut milk salvage

Coconut milk fishing = coconut milk sweet corn diced pineapple diced. This is actually a leftovers of a dish, cooked and put in the refrigerator. A refreshing dessert. Food Material List 1 Coconut milk 200ML Operational steps 1 Mix these materials and put them in the refrigerator for refrigeration. Tips


Yogurt Pound Cake

Food Material List 1 Unsalted Butter 120g 2 White granulated sugar 100g 3 Whole egg 100g 4 Low-gluten flour 130g 5 Baking powder 1 teaspoon 6 salt 12 teaspoons 7 Natural yoghurt 100g Operational steps 1 Preheat oven at 170 degrees 2 Pave the baking paper in the baking mould (preferably pound cake mould or …