Stir-fried green beans with Luffa

Food Material List 1 Towel gourd 2 Soybean 3 Black fungus 4 Garlic Operational steps 1 The loofah is peeled off and sliced into strips. It is immersed in clear water with lemon juice to prevent the loofah from discoloring when heated. 2 Peel the green beans, soak the black fungus in water, wash and …

Afternoon tea

Yunnan Old Dairy Potatoes

Food Material List 1 Potato Two (medium size) Operational steps 1 Steam potatoes in thick slices or cook them directly and peel them. Cut onions and garlic seedlings into small pieces. 2 Pour oil into the pan and stir-fry the chili peppers. Be careful not to stir-fry them. Then put the steamed potatoes into the …


XO sauce popping tape

Food Material List 1 Australian tape 2 Broccoli 3 Red pepper Operational steps 1 Purchased Australian ribbons are melted, cleaned, and wrapped in kitchen paper to absorb water, add salt, egg white, lemon juice, water starch, mix well into a few drops of oil, and put the cured ribbons in the refrigerator for about an …


Chicken Gizzard with cold sauce

Food Material List 1 Broiled chicken gills 200g Operational steps 1 200 g chicken gills, sliced 2 Mix vinegar, salt, chicken essence, pepper, red and green chilli, ripe sesame, garlic, ginger, chilli oil and sesame oil into sauce. Tips


Cucumber beef grains

Food Material List 1 Hay 2 Fresh beef 3 Fresh red pepper Operational steps 1 Cut all the materials into dices of the same size 2 Mix diced beef with salt, soy sauce, flour and a little oil. 3 The beef slipped, dispersed, discolored and flourished in a pan of cooking oil. 4 Stir-fry the …

Creative dishes

XO Sauce Beef Dutch Beans

XO sauce is a kind of condiment invented by Mr. Wang Tingzhi of Hong Kong. It is made from several more precious food materials. XO sauce first appeared in some high-end restaurants in Hong Kong in the 1980s, and began to popularize in the 1990s. Lee Jinji, king of oyster sauce, also became the pioneer …


Pinus tabulaeformis

Tricholoma matsutake is a kind of pure natural rare edible fungus growing in the mountains of 2000-4000 meters above sea level. It is known as the “king of fungi” and grows in the mountains. Matsutake is rich in protein, a variety of amino acids, unsaturated fatty acids, nucleic acid derivatives, peptides and other rare elements. …


Stir-fried pork with different pouches

Food Material List 1 PIZZZA Cake 12 inches A block 2 Strong flour 140g 3 Low-gluten flour 60g 4 Yolk 1 5 lamb leg 6 Coriander 7 Dry yeast 4G Operational steps 1 Mix dry yeast with warm water 2 Sift the high and low tendons into a steel basin, add in the method (1) …


Mushroom Beef

Every time I cook food for my wife like this, she always finds my things cumbersome (> Food Material List 1 Agaricus blazei (other edible mushrooms are also available) 400g 2 Cooked beef 300g 3 Red pepper and green pepper (beautiful) One each 4 Ginger and garlic 2 pieces, 2 pieces 5 Oil-consuming Sesame Oil …