Afternoon tea

Nansui Apple roast chicken

Food Material List 1 Three yellow chicken 1 only Operational steps 1 Put all the seasonings in the bowl. 2 Crush the southmilk carefully with a fork and mix all the marinades. 3 Clean the chicken viscera and wipe it dry. Cut off the feet and tails and pour the marinade. 4 Rub the marinade …


Cubes of Biscuits

This biscuit is hard and crisp. Its suitable for babys molars. Food Material List 1 Low-gluten flour 140g 2 Powdered Milk 18g 3 butter 35g 4 Whole egg juice 15g 5 milk 40g 6 Powdered sugar 30g Operational steps 1 Prepare ingredients; 2 Butter melts in hot water to form a liquid state. 3 Add …


Red Jujube Chifeng Cake (8 inches)

Food Material List 1 Egg 5 2 milk 80g 3 Vegetable oil 60g 4 Low-gluten flour 100g 5 Chopped jujube 50g Operational steps 1 First, separate the egg white and yolk in two clean, water-free and oil-free pots (eggs are best fresh, and long-lasting egg white is hard to beat without jelly like water). 2 …


Crispy cookies

Food Material List 1 Unsalted Butter 140g 2 Powdered sugar 55g 3 salt 2G 4 Yolk 2 5 Unsalted butter 35ml 6 Low-gluten flour 200g Operational steps 1 Get all the ingredients ready. 2 Keep salt-free butter at room temperature for half an hour. 3 Put salt-free butter, sugar powder and salt into an anhydrous …


Strawberry sandwich biscuit

Food Material List 1 Low-gluten flour 225g Operational steps 1 Butter and jam 2 Soften butter naturally into containers 3 Put granulated sugar in a container 4 Beat butter and sugar in a blender. 5 Add the egg mixture in 2 steps and whisk until well mixed. 6 Sift in low-gluten flour, baking powder and …


Makaron the Bear

Food Material List 1 Peanut powder 35g 2 Powdered sugar 35g 3 Berry sugar 20g 4 egg white 20g Operational steps 1 Protein is refined three times to the extent that sugar is sent to Toury. 2 Add peanut powder and sugar powder and mix well. 3 Extrude in a mounted bag and dry in …

Cold Dishes

Bacon mushroom pizza

Some relatives have asked if there is any alternative to making pizza without oven. ~Now I can answer that. You can also make delicious pizza with Riren electric cake pan.~ Food Material List 1 flour 130g 2 yeast Appropriate amount 3 salt Few 4 Olive oil 1 teaspoon 5 warm water 50ml Operational steps 1 …

French cuisine

Sunflower Bean Sand Bread

Sunflower bean paste bread tastes great. Food Material List 1 Strong flour 250g 2 Fine granulated sugar 30g 3 salt 1.5g 4 Unsalted butter 30g 5 Egg 30g 6 milk 110g 7 yeast 3G 8 butter 15g 9 Red bean paste Appropriate amount 10 Egg liquid (brush surface) Appropriate amount 11 sesame Appropriate amount Operational …


Butter-free Puff, 0 Failure

This is the most worthwhile work I started to bake, no difference from the physical store, 0 failed, the practice is also simple and fast! ___________ Food Material List 1 Puff: Salad oil 35g 2 Low powder 60g 3 Sugar 10g 4 water 100ml 5 Egg 2 only 6 salt Few 7 Casta sauce: low …

French cuisine

Breakfast with Cheese Sunegg Toast

Food Material List 1 toast 2 Egg 3 Cheese 4 Ham sausage Operational steps 1 Remove half of the toast and put in a slice of cheese. 2 Sprinkle ham in the middle of each egg 3 Put it in the oven for 20 minutes, 180 degrees 4 Finish your breakfast Tips