Walnut Muffin Cake

Food Material List 1 walnut meat 90g 2 Low-gluten flour 100g 3 Egg 50g 4 milk 50ml 5 Lemon juice 15ml Operational steps 1 Pour 90 grams of California walnut meat into a baking pan. 2 Bake in the oven at 150 degrees for 10 minutes. Remove and cool. 3 After softening the butter, pour …

a dish that goes with liquor

Tofu salad

Food Material List 1 Bean curd Half Jin Operational steps 1 First cut tofu into thin slices, then boil tofu in boiling water for 2-3 minutes, and then serve out. After a little cooling, drop a few drops of sesame oil, put 1 tablespoon of delicious soy sauce, and finally sprinkle onions on it. Tips


rosemary roasted potatoes

This holiday is a happy holiday because there is no homework. So piglets can swim every day, and when they are big and tall, they have a good appetite. Besides dinner, we have to prepare some snacks in the afternoon. His favorite snack is baked potatoes. This baked potato with rosemary is crisp and delicious, …

a dish that goes with liquor

Coir raincoat cucumber

Food Material List 1 Fresh Cucumber 1-2 roots Operational steps 1 Choose two cucumbers with a slightly longer straight shape and wash them for later use. 2 After removing each end, place the chopsticks on both sides close to the bottom of the cucumber. 3 The inclined knife is evenly cut into thin sheets connected …

Italy cuisine

Cucumber Juice Summer Time

Cucumber juice is the best drink in summer. It moisturizes and quenches thirst. The fresh cucumber juice is green in color, fresh and refreshing, and nutritious. Food Material List 1 cucumber 3 roots Operational steps 1 Wash the cucumber and cut it into slices or strips. 2 Install the juice machine, select the composite network, …


Makaron (French Makaron)Make Yourself Healthier

Food Material List 1 egg white 3 2 Albumen powder 1g 3 pigment Appropriate amount 4 almond powder 140g 5 Powdered sugar 125g 6 Berry sugar 105g Operational steps 1 The first step is to sift sugar and almond powder about three times (in order to make the surface of the makaron smooth) and then …


Novelty Orange Drink

Food Material List 1 Novelty Orange 2 2 Peach beverage 1/2 measuring cup 3 Fresh mint leaves 1 branches 4 Ice block 10 pieces Operational steps 1 Wash and cut the oranges in half. Press the juice and pour it into the cup. 2 Take one or two mint leaves and rub them with your …


Tea bean pastry

Its good to make Chinese pastry with lard. Food Material List 1 flour 150 g crispy 90 + 10 tea 2 Butter lard 40g crispy 55g 3 warm water 60g 4 sugar 35g 5 Purple potato butter sugar 6 Bean paste butter sugar Operational steps 1 Butter softens liquid with water and flour and sugar …

a dish that goes with liquor

Potato Trio – Spicy Potato Chips

After hesitating about what to do in the morning, I finally got out lazy. There were only potatoes at home. Three dishes were brewed, spicy potato chips, fried potato cakes and fresh fruit mashed potatoes. Food Material List 1 Potato 2 Seasoning 3 Scallion Operational steps 1 Peeling of potatoes 2 Slices, cold blisters for …


Delicious and simple yogurt Fruit Shake

Just to match the newly bought cup. Food Material List 1 Yogurt 200 ml or more 2 Grapes or other fruits 10-20 3 Honey Do or do not let go according to your own preferences Operational steps 1 Yogurt, I put a box of Amushi… Its too short.. You can put more boxes. 2 Grapes …