Cumin pork slices

Food Material List 1 Streaky pork Appropriate amount 2 Pepper Appropriate amount Operational steps 1 The thinner the pork slices, the better to freeze them. 2 Chilli shredded 3 Cool oil in hot pot. Put in the meat slices. Stir-fry. Put in shredded pepper. Cumin powder. Just hook the fire and get out of the …


Fried rice with beans and eggs

There is no greasy and heavy feeling, beans are refreshing and tastes like rice, mixed with the fragrance of eggs. Food Material List 1 Leftover rice 2 bowls 2 Beans 2 article 3 Egg 1 only 4 Chopped green onion Few 5 salt Appropriate amount 6 oil Appropriate amount 7 soy sauce Appropriate amount Operational …


Three-wire fried rice flour

Food Material List 1 Rice noodles 2 green pepper 3 Mushrooms 4 Fungus 5 Carrot 6 Coriander Operational steps 1 Rice flour foaming in warm water, oil pan, mushroom shredded, ginger fragrance, then put carrots, green pepper shredded, agaric shredded; stir-fry slightly, then add rice flour, salt, mushroom essence stir-fry. Sprinkle coriander out of the …

staple food

Stir-fried vegetable with mixed brocade

Food Material List 1 Roasted bran 200g 2 Vegetarian sausage One 3 Mushrooms Eight 4 Fungus Few 5 Paprika Half each 6 Pleurotus eryngii One Operational steps 1 1. Change all the ingredients into knives, then pull out the water and dry the bran. < br /> 2, oil is heated, bran is roasted, sausage …


Auricularia auricula shredded pork

Food Material List 1 Fungus 2 Pork Operational steps 1 Wash Auricularia auricula with warm foam and set aside. 2 Slice pork into shreds and mix with a little oil or vinegar. 3 On a medium heat, pour some cooking oil into the pan. Add a few Peppers after oil is heated. After fragrance is …


Watermelon peel tastes good

Food Material List 1 Watermelon rind Operational steps 1 Cut the front and back sides of the watermelon peel clean and cut into shreds. 2 Add salt to the cut watermelon skin and put it in a fresh-keeping box to seal for one day. 3 Take it out the next day and try to dry …


Stir-fried melon with vegetable

Food Material List 1 Bitter melon 1 roots 2 Long-coloured pepper 1 roots Operational steps 1 Cool melon Xianjing slices into pieces, color pepper slices 2 Oil in the pan, add onion, ginger, garlic, stir-fry with a little salt and cold melon, stir-fry with colored pepper, add MSG seasoning. Tips


Pork hoof cooked with peanut kelp

Food Material List 1 Kelp 2 Peanut meat 3 Pigs hoof One Operational steps 1 Wash and cut kelp into pieces, soak peanuts and rice, chop pigs hands, slice ginger and cut onions. 2 Pigs hands were fished out of the water. Soup was poured into the pot. Porks hands, onions, ginger and Shaoxing wine …


Stir-fried shrimps with fresh mushrooms and corn shoots

Food Material List 1 Baby corn 8 article 2 Fresh mushrooms 100g 3 Green soya beans 15g 4 Shrimp meat 5 pieces Operational steps 1 Wash corn shoots, mushrooms and green beans 2 Prepare shrimps and shell them. 3 Cut corn shoots in half and fresh mushrooms in small segments 4 Heat oil with green …


Spicy fried Octopus

Food Material List 1 Octopus 2 onion 3 Vegetables Operational steps 1 Wash the octopus in salt and cook until half-cooked. 2 When the onions are cleaned, cut them into 2-inch segments. 3 Mix hot sauce, soy sauce, sesame oil, ginger, sugar and salt into sauce. 4 Marinate octopus in sauce. 5 Stir-fry vegetables in …