Home Style Eggplant

Food Material List 1 eggplant Two roots Operational steps 1 Cut eggplant into hobs and wash it. 2 Chili peppers are shredded, ginger is washed and cut into shreds, and onions are cut into minced onions. 3 Drain the water of eggplant, stir-fry the chili pepper and ginger shredded until the oil is hot in …


Black Bean Beef

Food Material List 1 Beef tenderloin Half Jin Operational steps 1 Beef tenderloin is marinated for 20 minutes with oyster sauce, sauce, flour, soybean sauce and corn oil. 2 Shredded onions and bell peppers, stir-fried in a saucepan 3 Fried beef in the original pot to 5 ripe and add wine, then stir-fry red pepper, …

Cold Dishes

Rice with Stewed Pork

Food Material List 1 Pork with skin 2 Greens 3 Egg 4 Steamed Rice Operational steps 1 Wash pork, add wine and ginger shredded, steamed in cage for 1 hour, and cool for use. 2 Boiled eggs, shelled, sliced pork 3 Add water to the pot and boil with the bittern of old smoke, raw …

Shanghai cuisine

Fried rice with coriander bacon and eggs

At home, only when coriander, onion, eggs, rice and a small piece of bacon are left, the delicious fried rice is made up. Food Material List 1 Coriander (coriander) 7-8 roots 2 Bacon A long thumb is enough. 3 Scallion One root 4 Egg One 5 Leftover rice Operational steps 1 Cut coriander, bacon and …


Fried potato balls

Food Material List 1 Potato Operational steps 1 First boil the potatoes with water, then grind them. 2 Mix a small spoonful of starch with a little straw and Fruit Salt MSG. 3 Make it into a small spherical shape and fry it into golden yellow. Tips

Western-style food

Sweet potato balls

The Smell of Childhood Food Material List 1 Glutinous rice flour 2 Sweet potato Operational steps 1 First, make red bean stuffing. Cook and drain the red beans, press them into mud with a spoon, and put in sugar. Let it cool down and put it in the refrigerator for a while. 2 Potatoes can …


Chicken in Brown Sauce claw

Food Material List 1 Chicken feet 10 only Operational steps 1 Add a small amount of oil, sugar, boil sugar, water, seasoning, and then put chicken feet, cook until cooked through the pot. Tips If the chicken feet are cooked and the soup is still in stock, stir-fry over high heat.


Stewed beef

Food Material List 1 beef 500g Operational steps 1 No pictures. Yesterday I ate. No pictures! 1. Cut the beef into 3 pieces, wash it, soak it in blood, cook the beef twice and rinse it with cold water. 2. Put water in the pot, about 2 jin of water, beef. (Five fragrances. Tea. Boil …


Green tea sticky rice roll

Food Material List 1 Glutinous rice flour 100g 2 Green tea powder One and a half spoonfuls 3 corn starch One and a half spoonfuls Operational steps 1 Glutinous rice is beaten into flour by a food processor (its better to buy glutinous rice flour directly from supermarket than to beat it fine by myself. …