Potato silk

This is my aunts family visit relatives, my aunt copied potato shreds for me, especially delicious. So, I want my aunt to teach me well! Now, let me share this dish with you. Food Material List 1 Potato 250g 2 Sichuan Pepper 5g 3 Red pepper 2 4 butter 20ml 5 monosodium glutamate 5g 6 …


Burn onion spareribs

Food Material List 1 Spareribs 2 onion Operational steps 1 Heat 60% of the oil in the pan and stir-fry garlic. 2 Stir-fry spare ribs until discolored, and set aside. 3 Put a little oil in the pan, heat the oil and stir-fry the onion until soft. 4 Stir-fry pork ribs evenly, add old sauce …


Kidney beans fried meat

Food Material List 1 Kidney bean 2 Pork Operational steps 1 Kidney beans were broken into small segments, meat was sliced, scallions were sliced, ginger was sliced. 2 Cool oil in hot pot, heat oil into sweet sauce, add scallions and ginger slices, stir-fry meat slices, then add kidney beans and stir-fry for a moment. …


Mapo Potato

Food Material List 1 ground beef 2 Potato Operational steps 1 Peel the potatoes, wash them and cut them into pieces. Deep-fry them in a pan over medium heat until golden. Remove them and drain the oil. 2 Heat 4 tbsp oil, saute garlic powder, stir-fry minced beef until the minced meat discolored. Add 2 …

Afternoon tea

Sauced cuttlefish

Food Material List 1 Frozen Cuttlefish 8 only Operational steps 1 The cuttlefish is thawed, sprinkled with a little salt and dehydrated, and then grabbed with proper amount of raw meal and cooking wine. 2 Brush the pot with edible oil and fry the cuttlefish over a small fire. 3 The appropriate amount of soy …


Dry fried shrimp

Food Material List 1 Prawns 500g 2 Potato 1 3 Hand Rolling Powder 1 pouch 4 Celery 2 roots 5 Bamboo shoots Half root Operational steps 1 The purchased shrimp is washed and drained from the mud line. Potatoes, bamboo shoots and celery are cut into strips for reserve. Hand rolling powder is soaked in …


Seafood pomegranate

Recarved top chef seafood pomegranate Food Material List 1 Shrimp 2 Crab ovary 3 Egg Operational steps 1 Mix the excess yolk with a little raw powder to make the egg skin 2 Lentinus edodes, winter bamboo shoots, carrots, lettuce, shrimp diced, with crab yellow, stir-fry in oil pan until cooked 3 Prepare a pomegranate …


Farmers Fried Meat

Food Material List 1 Streaky pork Operational steps 1 Make Hangzhou pepper into 3 cm section and stir-fry it in a pan until it is ready to use. 2 Choose high-quality pork cut into thin slices, stir-fry in the pot, dried meat with Hangzhou pepper seasoning can be. Tips


Cuttlefish roast

The new week has begun again. Today, the dishes served with cuttlefish are called cuttlefish barbecue. In fact, the KAO word should be a character with a letter depending on the fire, but the computer cant type the word, so it can only be replaced by the word “roast”. But baking characters cant reflect the …


Pan-Seared Green Chili Pepper

Food Material List 1 Pepper 250g 2 Meat stuffing 150g Operational steps 1 Mix the minced meat with salt, chicken essence and water. Stir in one direction and mix well. 2 Wash the pepper, remove the pedicels and seeds, and fill the minced meat with the pepper. Vinegar, sugar, soy sauce and Shaoxing wine were …