Spicy fried dried sauce

Food Material List 1 Smoked dried bean curd 300g 2 Streaky pork 200g 3 Pepper 6 4 Little Red Pepper 10 Operational steps 1 Shampoo, wash and cut into strips, cut pork into thin slices, cut hot pepper into hobs, and cut small red pepper into granules. 2 Put a little oil in the hot …


Sour Vegetable and Red Bean Salad

Food Material List Operational steps 1 Prepare a cup of cooked red beans. 2 Copy the bitter vegetable 3 1 cup lemon juice 4 Just a little more salt. Tips

Afternoon tea

Oyster oil apricot mushroom and abalone mushroom

Food Material List 1 Pleurotus eryngii Operational steps 1 Cut Pleurotus eryngii into hob pieces. 2 Green pepper, red pepper and yellow pepper are cut into slices, garlic is cut into garlic powder. 3 Put oil in the pan and stir-fry garlic in the pan. 4 After fried garlic, stir-fry the cut apricot and abalone …

a dish that goes with liquor

Hot and Sour Fern Root Noodles

Food Material List 1 Fern root noodles 2 cucumber Operational steps 1 Soak fern root powder softly for two hours 2 Shredding sausages and cucumbers 3 Heat a little oil in the pot and fry the peanuts until golden yellow. When the oil temperature drops slightly, pour it into a bowl with chili peppers and …

Night snack

Green Papaya Fish Sauce

Food Material List 1 Green Papaya 2 Fish sprinkle Operational steps 1 Peel and shred papaya, add millet flaps and fennel flavor. 2 Put in fish sprinkles and serve on a plate. Tips


Glutinous rice lotus root

When I was at home, my grandmother often cooked food for me and sometimes missed it when she came to Beijing. Food Material List 1 Lotus root 3 paragraph 2 Glutinous rice 3 two 3 Chopped green onion Operational steps 1 Wash lotus root and poke lotus root hole with chopsticks. Wash the mud inside …


Chilli meat chopping

This is a very simple home-cooked dish, do not put any bean paste, cooking wine ah, I see a lot of recipes are put in these, affect the taste, I still like refreshing, green pepper spicy with red pepper sweet you will like. Food Material List 1 lean meat 2 Chili pepper Operational steps 1 …

Creative dishes

Chestnut roast meat

Food Material List 1 Rib meat A Jin 2 Chestnut Ten to fifteen Operational steps 1 Rib meat washed and cut 2 The chestnuts are boiled in water (about seven or eight minutes), cut in two with a knife, and then peel off the shells for use. 3 Heat the pan over heat, pour in …


Chinese cabbage mixed with green pepper

The first time I tried raw Chinese cabbage, the result was OK. It tasted not as good as the imagined Chinese cabbage bangzi. It was crisp and refreshing. Hey hey hey, lazy enough! Food Material List 1 Chinese Cabbage 1 tablets 2 green pepper 1 Operational steps 1 Wash cabbage I and green pepper and …