Northeast Cuisine

Avocado Spring Rolls

Avocado Rolls Food Material List 1 Avocado 1 2 sun dried tomato 3 3 Coriander 1 trees 4 salt Appropriate amount 5 spring roll wrapper 3 sheets Operational steps 1 Dig out the shea butter pulp and cut it into small pieces. 2 Add chopped oil to soak dried tomatoes and coriander, and a little …

French cuisine

Radish and Cucumber Kiwifruit Juice

Food Material List 1 cucumber One root 2 Kiwifruit One 3 Ternip A small section Operational steps 1 Wash the ingredients and peel the radish and kiwifruit. 2 The ingredients can be cut into strips which can be put into the saucer in order. Tips


Summer fries

Food Material List 1 Potato Three Operational steps 1 Peel and cut potatoes into strips. 2 Cook the cut potatoes in water until they are half cooked. After cooling, paste them with disposable film and put them in the freezer pavilion. 3 When you want to eat, take out the chips and fry them in …


Onion scrambled eggs

Food Material List 1 onion Half 2 Egg 3 3 Green pepper Half or one 4 Scallion Operational steps 1 Eggs are knocked into a bowl and scattered. It is best to foam the egg liquid. Cut the onion into thick shreds. Cut the pepper into shreds. Cut the onion into flowers. 2 Pour oil …


Colorful grunt meat

Food Material List 1 Streaky pork 250g Operational steps 1 Peel and cut the pork into small pieces, pepper, red and yellow peppers are removed, and cut into small pieces for reserve. The pork is first marinated with a little salt for 30 minutes until it tastes good. Take a plate and put 2 tablespoons …


Desiccant and Air-Supplementing Wugu Soybean Milk

Want to get rid of the body moisture, but red bean and coix rice porridge is not good to drink, simply hit and drink. Then put some black rice and red dates to nourish kidney qi. Food Material List 1 Job tears Appropriate amount 2 Red bean Appropriate amount 3 Black rice Appropriate amount Operational …


Fried rice frost with baking ginger and yaozhu eggs

Todays cold dew makes the air cool. Food Material List 1 Cold rice A small bowl 2 Sour Ginger Four tablets about 10g 3 Black Egg One (small egg) 4 Jiang Yaozhu 3 grains Operational steps 1 Temporary rise wants to eat fried rice, cooked now, so choose glue heavy water absorbent rice. 2 Pre-soak …


Golden taro

Food Material List 1 Taro Appropriate amount 2 egg One 3 flour Appropriate amount Operational steps 1 Cut the taro into small pieces and fry it until done. 2 Use flour, eggs, salt, water, mix batter, thick, or you cant wrap taro. 3 Hang the fried taro paste and put it in the pot. Keep …

Afternoon tea

Braised mini-poached eggs in sauce

Food Material List 1 Quail egg 25 2 Dry pepper Some 3 ginger A small piece 4 Garlic Three valves Operational steps 1 Pour oil in the pan and fry quail eggs into a poached egg pan one by one, and set aside; chop ginger and garlic, and cut dry chili into small pieces, and …