Coffee oatmeal biscuits

The first butter, scorched, too high temperature, a little longer time, more baking powder, many holes. The second time according to their own ideas, the effect is good, successful, the husband said delicious. Food Material List 1 Low flour (common flour + corn starch 4:1 instead) 100g 2 oats 100g 3 Egg 1 4 Instant …


Tea sandwich biscuit

Food Material List 1 Unsalted Butter 110g 2 Powdered sugar 60g 3 Yolk 1 4 Low-gluten flour 200g Operational steps 1 Mix butter and sugar powder softened at room temperature and whisk them with an electric beater until the whitening volume is slightly expanded and smooth paste-like. 2 Whisk egg yolk 3-4 times and add …

a dish that goes with liquor

Cold soybean sprouts

Food Material List 1 Yellow bean sprouts Appropriate amount 2 green pepper Appropriate amount 3 Red pepper Appropriate amount Operational steps 1 Cut green and red pepper into thick shreds. Rinse soybean sprouts and heat them in hot water for two minutes. 2 Put all ingredients together and mix well. Tips


Seaweed biscuits

Food Material List 1 Low-gluten flour 100g 2 Egg One 3 milk 30g 4 butter 20g 5 salt 12 scoops 6 Baking powder 12 scoops 7 Crushed seaweed 3 tablespoons Operational steps 1 Flour, salt, baking powder, preferably sifted and mixed 2 When the eggs are broken, mix in the dough. 3 Add milk to …


Cucumber in Sauce

Food Material List 1 cucumber 1 roots 2 Hot pepper noodles 2 spoons Operational steps 1 Wash the cucumber, cut the hob into pieces and set aside. Then put all the accessories in a bowl and mix the cucumber pieces together to eat. Tips

a dish that goes with liquor

Fresh Fruit Salad

Food Material List 1 watermelon Appropriate amount 2 orange Appropriate amount 3 Pitaya Appropriate amount 4 Muskmelon Appropriate amount 5 Salad dressing Appropriate amount Operational steps 1 Wash, peel and cut the watermelon, melon, pitaya fruit and orange into cubes; 2. Place them on a plate and squeeze the salad dressing on the surface. Tips


Hangzhou style fried sauce noodles

Food Material List 1 noodle 2 Dried bean curd Two 3 Vicia faba, corn kernels 4 Ham sausage One 5 Pork 6 Egg One Operational steps 1 Cut your tofu, ham sausage and pork into dices. Pork with rice wine, pepper Rouge for 5 minutes. 2 Boil the water and put it in the noodles. …

a dish that goes with liquor

Salad ears

Food Material List 1 Tremella 2 Fungus Operational steps 1 1. Blanch Tremella fuciformis and Auricularia auricula with boiling water. 2 2. Cool and place in a container. Add vinegar, a little sauce and a little sugar. 3 3. Mix well and sprinkle with sesame Tips Salt can be added appropriately according to personal taste.


DIY pickles

Food Material List 1 Baby Cabbage One piece Operational steps 1 Divide the potato dishes into two parts the night before. Place them after layering with salt. 2 The next day, take out the baby vegetables and twist them to dry. 3 Mix apples, pears, ginger, garlic and liquor into mud and add chili powder. …



Food Material List 1 Unsalted butter 125g 2 Yolk 2 3 Berry sugar 50g 4 RUM 10ml 5 Cream cheese 250g Operational steps 1 Whisk egg yolk with 25 grams of sugar in an electric mixer until milky white 2 Soft gelatin tablets with cold water 3 Coffee powder, rum, water mixed into liquor and …