Crispy Fish Steak (Longli)

Its crisp and tender, with dipping sauce. Its delicious! Longli fish is especially suitable for children because it has no thorns. Food Material List 1 Longli (cold fish steak) 1 article 2 Bread flour 13 packs 3 oil 6 spoons Operational steps 1 Frozen, washed and drained Longli fish. Cut into thin and thick fish …


Banana Walnut Meifen

Food Material List 1 Ripe banana 2 roots (about 200 g) 2 Whole egg 2 3 Berry sugar 80g 4 Corn oil 170g 5 milk 60g Operational steps 1 Cut the ripe bananas and squeeze the juice with lemon shavings. 2 Whole eggs with fine sugar are stirred evenly in an egg beater, and corn …

Northeast Cuisine

Fire Dragon Fruit Similu

Food Material List 1 Red Heart Dragon Fruit 2 milk 3 Coconut milk and mild milk No 4 Sago Operational steps 1 Cut pitaya fruit and milky coconut milk into milkshakes in a blender 2 Bring boiling water into the pot and cook the sago while stirring until the sago is transparent and has only …


Cold-mixed cucumber and kelp shredded

Food Material List 1 Kelp 250g 2 cucumber 1 roots Operational steps 1 Kelp filaments are boiled in a pot and removed. 2 Cucumber is smashed with a kitchen knife 3 Put the cooked kelp and cucumber in a bowl, pour the crushed garlic into a suitable amount of sesame oil, cold-mix vinegar and soy …


Oil-splashed Mixed Noodles

Food Material List 1 noodle 2 Rape Operational steps 1 Cook the noodles and fish out the cold water. Fill out the cooked rapeseed and fish out the dishes. 2 Put garlic, onion, salt, chicken, pepper powder (less), sesame sauce, sugar, vinegar and pepper on the cooked noodles. Pour the hot cooked oil on the …


Shallot mixed with dried beans

Food Material List 1 Shallot Appropriate amount 2 Dried bean curd Appropriate amount 3 Sweet dried shrimp skin Appropriate amount 4 Very delicious Appropriate amount 5 Vinegar Appropriate amount Operational steps 1 Cut tofu into small pieces, shallot into small pieces, and shrimp skin. 2 Pour in appropriate amount of very fresh, vinegar (according to …


White sugar mixed with tomatoes

Tomatoes mixed with sugar, the treatment of oral ulcer effect is particularly good, unlike now there are various drugs for oral ulcer, we used to eat sugar mixed tomatoes when we were young, especially chilled, both under fire and cool, is absolutely the most economical and practical cold salad in summer. Food Material List 1 …


Halley Cake

Food Material List 1 Egg 200g 2 Fine sugar 160g 3 salt 1g 4 Low-gluten flour 200g 5 Baking powder 4G 6 Salad oil 200g Operational steps 1 Stir the eggs, salt and sugar in an egg beater until the sugar melts. 2 Add flour and baking powder and mix well. 3 Slowly pour in …

a dish that goes with liquor

Fresh Mixed Radish

Food Material List 1 Ternip 2 Dried shrimps 3 Mushrooms 4 Dried scallop 5 Green onion powder Operational steps 1 White radish cutter hob, sewage ripening, mushrooms, dried scallops, shrimp skin has also been ripe. 2 Drain water, season with salt and chicken essence, sprinkle with onions, and finally sprinkle with fried onion oil. Tips


Banana toast roll

Like the rich and sweet taste of bananas, I always feel that bananas are the best fruit for cooking. Making banana milk or banana milk shake is very delicious. This time, I made a dessert with toast, waxy inside the coke, and the sweet taste of banana milk. The method is simple and nutritious. My …