Dried Mother Mixed with Green Radish

The first time I visited the nearby vegetable market, I saw this green radish. Originally, besides white and red radish, there are also green and heart beauty. Ask the boss curiously how to do it. The boss says its all right to eat directly! ___________ The Internet says that the salad is delicious, and today …



Food Material List 1 cucumber Three roots Operational steps 1 Cucumber is flattened with a knife, then cut into small pieces and put in seasoning. Tips


Tasteful Big Mixed Vegetables

Food Material List 1 Romaine Lettuce Appropriate amount 2 Color pepper Appropriate amount 3 Purple cabbage Appropriate amount 4 Pepper Appropriate amount 5 Lily Appropriate amount Operational steps 1 Rinse lettuce and tear into small pieces; Rinse purple cabbage and tear small pieces; Rinse colored pepper and sharp pepper, remove pedicels and seeds, slice; Rinse …


Blueberry cheese cake

My comfort food is Blueberry Cheese cake. For the first time, in the ice and snow of Toronto. An old lovers mother cooked dessert after dinner. That was the last flame before I married the old French, a lovely Canadian boy named Shang. I like Mom Shangs home very much, especially the kitchen. Its so …

a dish that goes with liquor

Colorful Lapper

Ive introduced this dish before. When I was celebrating New Years Day, I cooked it again. Food Material List 1 Pull skin 2 Cucumber and Carrot 3 Eggs~ 4 Crab Foot Stick ~Arctic Shrimp Operational steps 1 Cut all raw materials into shredded eggs and spread them into egg skins. Cut them into shredded shrimp …


Crispy puff

Food Material List 1 butter 25g 2 Low powder 25g 3 Sugar 10g 4 salt A bit of 5 Egg One 6 water 50g 7 Puff skin Operational steps 1 Basis puff skin: put water, salt, sugar and butter in the pot, stir slightly in medium heat until boiling; turn low heat into starch, and …

a dish that goes with liquor

Vegetable and fruit salad

Food Material List 1 Tomatoes 2 Dolls (or Chinese cabbage) 3 Banana 4 Chupi Thousand Island Paste Operational steps 1 Wash and cut tomatoes and bananas, wash and tear dolls into small pieces 2 Mix well with thousand island sauce, then pack in tray, wrap in fresh-keeping film and put in refrigerator freezer for 5-10 …

Western-style food

Honey sesame burdock

Food Material List 1 Great burdock Operational steps 1 Burdock was peeled and shredded, and soaked slightly in vinegar-added water. 2 Sesame seeds are roasted at 120 degrees in the oven. 3 Remove burdock silk, pat dry starch, put in oil pan at 560% oil temperature, fry crispy and remove, use oil absorbent paper to …


Original Madeleine

Food Material List 1 Egg. 3 2 White granulated sugar 80g 3 Low powder 160g 4 Baking powder 1 teaspoon 5 butter 150g Operational steps 1 Beat eggs with sugar, sift in a mixture of starch and baking powder, mix well and add melted butter. Mix well, refrigerate for more than 1 hour, or stay …

Northeast Cuisine

Pumpkin Cream Soup

* I think I should take time to learn how to pull flowers and look at the pictures to see that I was ugly as a tadpole. I was too lazy to get around and have a good drink of soup. Fried chicken tastes good! Good smell! Adults and children in the family like to …