a dish that goes with liquor

marinated cold cucumber

Northeast cucumber bar! Food Material List 1 cucumber Operational steps 1 Wash and pat the cucumber and cut it off. After a little oil in the hot pot, the hot pepper noodles and sesame seeds are dried in a small fire. When the pepper turns brown, turn off the heat immediately. Pour in vinegar, seafood …


Green pepper peel

The green skin I used was salted, so I didnt put salt in it. I could also use salted eggs. Food Material List 1 Green skin 4 2 green pepper 10 3 salt Appropriate amount Operational steps 1 Pour the green duck eggs into the bowl 2 Cut up the pepper and put it in …


Fried Eggs with Flammulina velutipes

As a worker, I like fast cooking best. This dish is simple, fast and delicious. Food Material List 1 Flammulina velutipes 2 Egg Operational steps 1 Rinse and tear the Flammulina velutipes 2 Eggs are stirred into egg juice. 3 Appropriate amount of ginger 4 In a large hot pot, add oil. After oil is …

Cold Dishes


Sausage is a home-cooked dish of Sichuan people. Everyone likes to eat, especially during the Spring Festival, almost every family will have a dinner table when guests come. Food Material List 1 Streaky pork 10 jin Operational steps 1 Peel and wash the meat and cut it into slices. But dont cut it too small, …


Masu tomato salad

Twelve years ago, I met an Italian chef who was wandering around after retirement in a foreign hotel. Because I had the foundation of cooking, the clown was affirmed by the chef and decided to accept me as an apprentice. Surprised and flattered, he became fascinated with Italian food, Italian wine and Italian cheese. Unfortunately, …


Stir-fried green beans with salted melon

My favorite summer dish in my hometown is brewing rice with tea, which smells good. Food Material List 1 Sweet Baked Melon One root 2 Soybean A Jin Operational steps 1 Wash the melon and soak it for a while to remove the salty taste. 2 Peel the green beans and cook them in a …


Cucumber, peach, sesame and chicken shredded

Food Material List 1 chicken 2 cucumber 3 Red pepper Operational steps 1 Chicken breast is cut into thin filaments and marinated in a basin with salt, pepper, wine and starch. 2 Cucumbers are washed and cut into thin shreds. Chili peppers are cut into thin shreds and cooked peanuts are smashed. 3 Put a …

a dish that goes with liquor

Shredded potatoes

Food Material List 1 Potato 2 Coriander 3 Salt monosodium glutamate 4 Sesame oil 5 Pepper Oil and Pepper Oil 6 Chilled vinegar Operational steps 1 Soak the potato shredded water in cool boiling water. 2 Remove the leached water and mix it with other ingredients to make it cool, refreshing, simple and practical. Tips


Fried meat with bamboo shoots

Easy and fast dish suitable for Chinese food~ Food Material List 1 Water bamboo 4 pellets 2 Pork 150g 3 green pepper 1-2 pieces Operational steps 1 Cut pork into shreds, add raw meal, salt, soy sauce, cooking wine and marinate for a while. After washing, the bamboo shoot is shaved into silk with a …