Soybean curd with agaric minced meat

Food Material List 1 Pig lean meat 100g 2 Bean curd Two pieces 3 Fungus 8 Flower Operational steps 1 Mix crushed agaric, minced meat with a little salt, shallot and ginger, raw extract and flour to marinate. 2 Cut tofu into pieces, boil water in a pot and add a little salt to the …


Stir-fried shrimp with soy sauce

Food Material List 1 Fresh shrimp Operational steps 1 Heat oil twice as much as usual 2 Stir-fry the shrimps slightly. 3 Stir-fry with bean paste 4 Stir-fry with diced pepper 5 Monosodium glutamate, spoon out Tips


Stir-fried yam

A few days ago, I bought two small goldfish and came back to find that there was no aquarium in my house, so I kept them in a space cup. Sweat! Sure enough, they were so wronged that they didnt eat enough fish to feed them. So they went out yesterday afternoon to buy a …

Huaiyang cuisine

Korean cold noodles

Food Material List 1 Cold noodles 2 cucumber 3 Kimchi 4 Korean chili sauce 5 Pear 6 Egg 7 Ham Operational steps 1 Boil the water in the pot, then boil the noodles. 2 When the noodles are almost boiled, you can pick up a shower, then taste the hardness and taste. If you like, …


Cucumber shrimp

Food Material List 1 Shrimp meat 100g 2 cucumber Two roots Operational steps 1 Remove the shrimp from the back line and set aside. 2 Cucumber peeling and knife replacement 3 Stir-fry shrimps with a little base oil in a pan until white. Add cucumber and stir-fry. 4 Stir-fry a little seafood soy sauce with …

French cuisine

Fried rice with shrimps in Yunnan flavor

Fried rice with shrimps with Yunnan characteristics Food Material List 1 Shrimp meat Operational steps 1 Shredded carrots and shrimps. 2 In a hot pot, put onions, carrots and bean sprouts, olives, rice and shrimps. 3 Stir-fry the chillies in the pan. Tips


Chuanxiang Stir-fried Beef

Food Material List 1 Beef tenderloin 2 Hang pepper 3 Garlic clove Operational steps 1 Cut beef slices, add soy sauce, oyster sauce, marinate with cooking wine 2 Dry pepper, pepper, fennel, fragrant leaves ground into powder, mixed with dry starch, and mixed with beef. 3 When the beef is heated, 80% of the oil …

Afternoon tea

Braised roe meat

Food Material List 1 Royal roe meat 2 green pepper 3 Red pepper Operational steps 1 Slice roe meat, soak repeatedly in clear water and change water to remove the blood color until the water is clear. 2 After the roe meat is soaked, boil it in boiling water, skim off the foam, and take …

Afternoon tea

Flammulina velutipes tofu

My uncle is a person who likes cooking very much. ~Last week, my uncle went to my grandfathers house to cook this dish. My grandfather immediately played my video after eating it. Let me try to make this by myself. ~Today, I went to the Chinese supermarket specially to buy Flammulina velutipes and tofu. ~The …