Peanut drunkard

Food Material List

  • 1 Peanut meat
  • 2 Red pepper

Operational steps

  • 1 Peanuts soak up, peel off the red coat of peanuts, use kitchen paper to absorb moisture, and put it in the refrigerator for a night.
    Peanut drunkard
  • 2 Oil is put into the frying pan and frozen peanuts are put into it. The oil is heated slowly over low heat. When the oil is deep-fried, it is fished out. After the oil temperature rises a little, the peanuts are put into the frying pan again and the oil is removed.
    Peanut drunkard
  • 3 Leave a little oil in the pan. Put pepper on it and stir-fry the dried red pepper.
    Peanut drunkard
  • 4 Stir in peanuts and stir-fry. Sprinkle some salt before starting the pan and season with sugar. Its crisp after cooling.
    Peanut drunkard


1. Cool oil in a cold pot for frying peanuts and heat it slowly over low heat, so that peanuts are easier to fry through.
2. When the pepper section and pepper are finally fried and dried, the bottom oil in the pan is only put a little, but it is also slowly fried on a small fire. If the taste is heavy, add some pepper powder and pepper powder, which can be more spicy and spicy.

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