Pickled Pepper Tofu Pills + Self-made Brine Tofu

Home-made tofu, in fact, is a very simple thing, the basic process is: soaking beans, grinding, filtering bean dregs, boiling soybean milk, cooling, ordering soybean milk, pressing tofu formation. Looking at these processes carefully, the most important process should be to order soymilk. You can make qualified tofu as long as you master the step of pulping. In fact, I am also a beginner. After doing this, I found that tofu production is not as difficult as I imagined. As long as I sum up carefully, it will be decent to do it several times. Home-made, the ultimate goal is to eat safely and rest assured, in the continuous production of summary extraction, one day you can also make tofu to your satisfaction. The process of pulping is the most important. Today we will first learn about the raw materials of pulping. Tofu can be divided into several kinds according to the raw materials of pulping: sour milk tofu, brine tofu, gypsum tofu and lactone tofu. Sour milk tofu: refers to the use of acidic milk water to precipitate protein, coagulate, and make tofu. For the first time, white vinegar and lemon juice can be selected as raw materials for making sour milk tofu. The clear slurry water precipitated after precipitation can be scooped out for preservation. The lactic acid bacteria in the slurry become acidic by fermentation. These sour slurries can be used to make sour milk tofu when making again. Blend white vinegar or lemon juice with clear water at 1:5 and stir in soybean milk slowly. Brine tofu: Brine tofu uses brine pulping. The main ingredient of brine is magnesium chloride, which is dissolved in 10 times clear water. Stir the brine slowly into the soybean milk. Brine tofu has strong hardness, elasticity and toughness. It is called old tofu and North tofu. Most of the tofu in the north comes from brine. Gypsum tofu: Gypsum tofu uses gypsum water pulp. Gypsum tofu is soft and delicate in texture. Compared with brine tofu, gypsum tofu has high water content and white color. It is called South tofu. Lactolipid tofu: Tofu made with glucose and lactone as coagulant is Lactolipid tofu. Lactose tofu is softer, more delicate and has higher water content. Well, these are also what I learned before I made tofu, and they are basically summarized for you. According to the individual requirements for tofu, we can choose the desired coagulant. In fact, despite the excitement I said, I really tried it, only brine tofu. I am a northerner, and I like to eat the kind of old tofu with compact texture. So I bought brine first. The first kind of brine tofu was also the brine tofu. However, the method of making tofu is exactly the same. Although the coagulant is different, but the technique has learned a kind of, all-in-one! Believe it or not, you can try it with me. Taobao sells the raw materials and moulds needed to make tofu, and the purchase is super simple. This is the third tofu I made. When I made the first tofu, I stirred excessively, causing the coagulation to become dregs. The tofu made is also like the dregs of tofu. Later, I watched several videos and found some information. The second time I did it, it was decent. This is the third production. Its quite eye-catching. Everything is like this. Learn more, summarize more, do more. Theres nothing difficult for you!

Food Material List

  • 1 Dried soybean 110g
  • 2 Clean water 1100ml
  • 3 Bittern 3G
  • 4 Clean water 30g

Operational steps

  • 1 Raw materials:
    Soybean milk raw materials: 110 grams of dry soybean, 1100 ml of clear water
    brine: 3 grams of salt brine, 30 grams of clear water
    tools: soybean milk machine, tofu box
    (ratio: the ratio of dry soybean to clean water is generally 1:10, the ratio of wet soybean to clean water is about 1:2, if using soybean milk machine, it will not be much, using about 100 grams. Beans can be
    salt brine and water ratio is 1:10, stir and point in)
    dried soybeans after picking and soaking.
    (about 10 hours in winter and about 6 hours in summer, if you cant master it well, just pinch it and have a look)
    Pickled Pepper Tofu
  • 2 Rinse the soaked beans and put them in the soymilk machine to control the dry water content.
    (Rinse soybeans, pay attention to replacing the water soaked in beans, rinse them clean)
    Pickled Pepper Tofu
  • 3 Pour in clear water.
    (When making delicious tofu, we must use delicious water. I use purified water. The sweetness is much better than ordinary tap water.)
    Pickled Pepper Tofu
  • 4 Turn on the function of soymilk machine grinding soymilk and boil soymilk.
    (If you dont need the soybean milk machine, use the machine to mix the beans and water to grind the pulp, so that you can do more, the amount of soybean milk machine is only about 200 grams at a time)
    Pickled Pepper Tofu
  • 5 Completion of jobs.
    Pickled Pepper Tofu
  • 6 If the bean dregs are filtered out, they can be kept for making bean dregs cake, steamed bean dregs steamed bread and so on. They are rich in nutrition.
    (Soybean milk machine comes with this little thing, I have never known what to use, has been pressing with a spoon, that day suddenly came to light, came up with the answer, too smart, I mean the United States Soybean Milk Machine Company, not me, ha)
    Pickled Pepper Tofu
  • 7 The soybean milk machine is filtered three times, and the process is completed. The temperature of soybean milk has basically dropped to 85 degrees, so it can be directly ordered halogen.
    (Soybean milk must be filtered several times, so that the tofu made is more delicate. The suitable temperature for making tofu point brine is 85 degrees. If you use the soybean milk machine to make it, you can operate it directly when the temperature is basically lowered. If you first filter and then boil it, you must wait for the temperature to be lowered.
    Pickled Pepper Tofu
  • 8 Salt brine 3 G blossoms in 30 g clear water.
    (1.5 g brine per 500 ml soybean milk). The ratio of brine to clear water: 1:10
    Pickled Pepper Tofu
  • 9 Dig a little salt brine with a spoon and gently stir it clockwise into the soybean milk.
    (stir gently, not too hard, too fast, spoon by spoon, stir slowly, stop when you see flocculent matter)
    Pickled Pepper Tofu
  • 10 When flocculent substance appears, stop point into brine, also stop stirring.
    (stirring gently, not too large, otherwise it is slag-like, the tofu made is rough)
    Pickled Pepper Tofu
  • 11 Put the soybean milk in the oven, warm it for about 10 minutes, until it solidifies into large pieces.
    (Here you can wait for the caking at room temperature, personal feeling warmed up, the effect is better)
    Pickled Pepper Tofu
  • 12 Put the massive solidification into the tofu mould.
    (This mould comes from soybean milk machine, because the mould is small and the hole is close enough, so I did not spread cotton cloth. If you make it with big hole tofu box, remember to spread cloth to prevent light leakage.)
    Pickled Pepper Tofu
  • 13 Cover the cover.
    Pickled Pepper Tofu
  • 14 Fill the other part of the box with clean water, put it on top, and press to set.
    (put heavy things on top, will squeeze out water, let tofu shape, the strength of pressure, the length of time, determine the taste of tofu. Short time, insufficient weight, less water separation, tofu taste tender; long time, extrusion force is large, the extrusion out of more water, tofu taste more solid.
    Pickled Pepper Tofu
  • 15 Just pour out the tofu.
    Pickled Pepper Tofu
  • 16 Just made tofu, while it is hot, sprinkle with some sauce, fragrant oil, sprinkle some shallots, you can eat directly, very delicious!
    Pickled Pepper Tofu
  • 17 Share a new way of eating tofu – Pickled Pepper Tofu Pills.
    This pill has a strong salty taste,
    golden color,
    soft waxy and delicious,
    can see white tofu and colorful pepper when biting open,
    can be made for children to eat!
    Pickled Pepper Tofu
  • 18 Ingredients:
    10 grams of green, red and yellow pepper, 15 grams of onion, 200 grams of tofu, 1 egg, 20 grams of flour, a little salt, pepper and sesame oil
    Pickled Pepper Tofu
  • 19 Shredding tofu.
    Pickled Pepper Tofu
  • 20 Add pepper, onion, flour, eggs, pepper and sesame oil.
    Pickled Pepper Tofu
  • 21 Grasp it evenly.
    Pickled Pepper Tofu
  • 22 Hold the tofu stuffing in your hand and make it extrude from the mouth of the tiger. The surface of the stuffing is round.
    Pickled Pepper Tofu
  • 23 Heat the oil at 7%. Dig tofu balls with a spoon and put them into the pot.
    Pickled Pepper Tofu
  • 24 Deep-fry until golden brown, then leave the pot.
    (see the color out of the pot, fire can not be too big, otherwise easy to paste oh)
    Pickled Pepper Tofu

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