Popular New Years vegetable, spicy brine elbow.

The seemingly complex dishes are actually quite simple. Let the butcher help remove the elbow bones and come back with some more bones to stew the soup.

Food Material List

  • 1 fore knuckle 1
  • 2 salt at will
  • 3 sugar 30g
  • 4 Ginger and onion One piece each

Operational steps

  • 1 First stir-fry sugar. There are specific methods in my recipe. After frying, the skin is placed downward. After coloring, the water and bags without meat are added. The pressure cooker is pressed about 25 minutes until they are soft and rotten. The coolant is taken out and stored in a fresh-keeping bag. Then the rope is wrapped around them to form a round shape. Put it in the refrigerator. Slices when eating, adjustable juice, can also be eaten directly, very fragrant.
    Popular New Years

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