Pork floss, salted egg yolk and green ball net red cant be bought, make a simple version by yourself.

Internet celebrity!! Shanghai Xinghualou pork floss salted egg yolk green ball, Taobao has been fried to 40 yuan a. Yuanzu also has but sold out. So, do your own food and clothing. Mugwort leaves are difficult to buy, so I use green juice powder and tea powder to color them.

Food Material List

  • 1 Glutinous rice flour 70g
  • 2 Rice Flour Low Gluten Flour 20g
  • 3 corn starch 10g
  • 4 Green Juice Powder (No Mugwort Leaves) 6g
  • 5 Tea powder (optional) 3G
  • 6 Boiling water About 90-100 ml
  • 7 Dried meat floss 50g
  • 8 Salted Egg Yolk 5 only
  • 9 Vanilla Sauce Salad Sauce Honey 10ml

Operational steps

  • 1 Mix glutinous rice flour, rice flour, starch, tea powder, green juice powder, slowly add boiling water, mix with chopsticks to form flocculent.
    Pork floss, salted
  • 2 No hot hands and knead into a ball. Cover with plastic film and let stand for 10 minutes.
    Pork floss, salted
  • 3 Steamed and crushed salted egg yolk. (I bought raw salted duck eggs and peeled their own yolk)
    Pork floss, salted
  • 4 Add salad dressing and honey to egg yolk and meat floss, stir well.
    Pork floss, salted
  • 5 The fillings were divided into six parts on average.
  • 6 The dough is divided into 6 small doses and rounded.
    Pork floss, salted
  • 7 The small dosage is kneaded into a bowl.
    Pork floss, salted
  • 8 Wrap in stuffing and press it with your fingers. Hold tigers mouth tight and round.
    Pork floss, salted
  • 9 If the dough is dry, knead the cracks with a little water.
    Pork floss, salted
  • 10 Spread oil on the surface of the green ball, wrap the green ball with a fresh-keeping film, or lay a layer of oil paper on the steamer drawer. Steam for 20 minutes after boiling water.
    Pork floss, salted
  • 11 Before steaming.
    Pork floss, salted
  • 12 Steamed.
    Pork floss, salted
  • 13 Its delicious.
    Pork floss, salted

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