Pork ribs soup

Food Material List

  • 1 Spareribs
  • 2 kelp kink
  • 3 Ternip
  • 4 Corn

Operational steps

  • 1 Kelp knots are foamed in advance. Corn cut, ribs cut, radish cut into hobs, ginger cut into four slices, onion cut.
    Pork ribs soup
  • 2 Rinse the spareribs and cook them in a boiling pot. Remove them and rinse them.
    Pork ribs soup
  • 3 Place the spareribs in a casserole, add ginger slices, scallions and cooking wine. Turn the fire on and simmer for an hour.
    Pork ribs soup
  • 4 Add kelp knots, cut carrots and corn and simmer for half an hour. Add salt.
    Pork ribs soup

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