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When I was young, I was looking forward to dining out. What to eat at the restaurant? Bazhen tofu, stewed beef strips, single gluten, pot collapse ridge, are my four diamonds (Tianjin as a child). In fact, Tianjin cuisine is deeply influenced by Shandong cuisine, and collapse is a major feature. In the past, my father didnt cook big dishes at home, but when the pot collapsed, the tofu was often served. Now out of doors, although not skilled in cooking, homesickness is strong. A simple pot-collapsed tofu, eating memories and home flavor. Life is meandering along in constant contact with new things and memories. Perhaps this simple dish can reflect the true flavor of life. A pot of collapsed tofu, dedicated to Dad, but also dedicated to all the people who work outside the world – home is our best harbour, the taste of home is the best food in the world.

Food Material List

  • 1 North tofu One piece is about 300g
  • 2 Egg 1 only
  • 3 Dry starch
  • 4 Shredded onion and ginger
  • 5 Soup
  • 6 Carrot
  • 7 cucumber
  • 8 Red pepper
  • 9 Very delicious
  • 10 Oyster sauce
  • 11 Cooking wine
  • 12 Sesame oil

Operational steps

  • 1 All the raw materials are here.
    Pot Pot Tofu
  • 2 Add a little salt to the eggs, and whisk the chicken white pepper. North tofu is sliced about 5mm. Prepare a small plate of dry starch.
    Pot Pot Tofu
  • 3 Hot oil in the pan, each piece of tofu is first patted with dry starch, then dipped in egg liquid, and the oil temperature is 50% to fry until golden brown on both sides. Im half-fried today to save oil.
    Pot Pot Tofu
  • 4 Yes, Shrimp Oil Jun is on the stage again. Today is just shrimp oil refined, we put ordinary edible oil on OK, peanut oil is the best, vegetable peanut oil ah, animal oil to cook more fragrant oh.
    Pot Pot Tofu
  • 5 First simmer shallots, flowers and ginger with small fire, then cook a little cooking wine.
    Pot Pot Tofu
  • 6 Then spread the fried tofu flat on the bottom of the pan.
    Pot Pot Tofu
  • 7 Pour in about 200 ml of soup (with Carrefour soup, with a small teaspoon, I dont like too much water, less soup), and add some very delicious, oyster oil and other seasonings depending on your taste. However, the seasoning should not be too salty, the soup has salty taste, and the fried tofus egg also has a little taste. Cook over low heat until tofu tastes good, about 10 minutes. I doubled the tofu in the middle of the soup.
    Pot Pot Tofu
  • 8 With the evaporation of the soup and the absorption of the fried skin of tofu, the soup gradually dried up. Then put in a little “salad” cucumber slices, carrot slices, red pepper (that is to say, my dad calls this salad dish). These dishes can be eaten raw, and then cover and bake for half a minute. Sprinkle some fragrant oil and OK will come out of the pot.
    Pot Pot Tofu
  • 9 Just a little bit of egg juice was fried by me. Ha-ha, the pendulum is hidden below. After putting the tofu in place, pour the remaining soup on it.
    Pot Pot Tofu
  • 10 Sprinkle some more shallots
    Pot Pot Tofu
  • 11 I think the collapsed dishes in Shandong cuisine are really ingenious. The raw material is dipped in the skin after the eggs are fried, and the soup is full of juice. The taste is strong and fragrant. Today, although the tofu is ordinary, the taste is no longer flat after the cooking and simmering of shrimp oil and soup. With the unique tough taste of North Tofu, it can be matched with the meat dish. Rough vegetable is a special feature of Shandong cuisine.
    Pot Pot Tofu
  • 12 Thank you for watching!
    Pot Pot Tofu

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