Pumpkin and jujube cake

These days Netease blog has been unable to open normally, and yesterday there was a normal upload of pictures, resulting in I can not update the log, now try, finally can upload pictures… Make up the diary of yesterday. I like to eat haircake very much. Its very soft and palatable, especially the haircake made of pumpkin mud. Its golden and beautiful. Its sweet and soft in taste, and the big jujube makes the haircake more sweet and delicious. Mother likes to eat pumpkin. She made this cake and gave it to her. Mother likes it very much. She always praises my delicious food. Later, my mother immediately returned a box of farm-raised eggs to me. Haha, I made a lot of money.

Food Material List

  • 1 Pumpkin
  • 2 Red dates
  • 3 flour
  • 4 Baking powder

Operational steps

  • 1 Cut the pumpkin into pieces and steamed in a pot.
    Pumpkin and jujube
  • 2 Steamed pumpkin peeled and pressed into mud.
    Pumpkin and jujube
  • 3 After the pumpkin mud is cooled, add flour and baking powder.
    Pumpkin and jujube
  • 4 And soft dough, put into the mold for fermentation.
    Pumpkin and jujube
  • 5 When it is twice to three times bigger, add the soaked date.
    Pumpkin and jujube
  • 6 Steam for 25 minutes. Cut small pieces while eating.
    Pumpkin and jujube


1. No need to add water. Pumpkin mud has higher water content. Dont add water.
2. If you like sweetness, you can put some sugar in it properly. I think pumpkin is sweet enough, so I dont add sugar.

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