Purple potato yam bag

Purple potato and yam are two very healthy ingredients. If you combine them together, is it nutritious to listen to their names?

Food Material List

  • 1 Purple potato powder 200g
  • 2 Wheat flour 200g
  • 3 Mountain powder 50g
  • 4 White granulated sugar 50g

Operational steps

  • 1 Mix wheat flour and purple potato flour 1:1 with proper yeast flour to make dough and wait for fermentation
    (the purple pot is the finished product, the yellow one is millet and flour)
    Purple potato yam
  • 2 The weight of prepared yam pit
    yam powder and sugar is about 1:1
    Purple potato yam
  • 3 Yam powder and sugar mixed in a small amount of water, blended into a thin paste.
    Purple potato yam
  • 4 The prepared yam paste is put into the pot, then boiled over a small heat, in which chopsticks are constantly stirred.
    Purple potato yam
  • 5 The prepared yam paste is probably like this. In fact, it tastes good now
    and then put it in the fresh-keeping bag after cooling (for convenience of extrusion).
    Purple potato yam
  • 6 Purple potato dough made into egg-sized small dough
    Purple potato yam
  • 7 Come on, I dont know how to shoot it. Can you understand it? The purple potato dough is rolled into a later rind and squeezed into an egg yolk-sized yam paste. Cut the preservation bag and control it.
    Purple potato yam
  • 8 Then in the hands of the group into such a shape, like the soup dumpling wrapped in the south, the tip is the seal, and then down is a round steamed bread.
    Purple potato yam
  • 9 After shaping, the purple potato bun is like this
    and then fired, steamed in a steaming pot for 20 minutes, and forgot to take pictures, you all know it.
    Purple potato yam

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