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Afternoon tea

Corn cheese

I like to eat corn cheese with strong soil. After tasting that, I made my own corn cheese.~ Food Material List 1 Corn 2 Fresh cream 3 Condensed milk 4 salt 5 Masurilla cheese Operational steps 1 Cook the corn soft, preferably with sticky corn kernels, more delicious. Cook and fish out l 2 Add …

Afternoon tea

Stir-fried soybean curd with soybean sprouts

Food Material List 1 Bean sprouts 2 Oily bean curd Operational steps 1 Bean sprouts are watered to remove the smell of beans. Oil tofu cuts on each other. Stir-fry bean sprouts with a little oil in the frying pan, then stir-fry oil tofu with some water, add salt, fry chicken extract and cook ok. …

Afternoon tea

Fried pork shredded with mango

Mango fruit hanging every year soon after you can eat this sour delicious dish! Food Material List 1 Shredded pork or beef 500g 2 Raw mango (immature mango) 1 Operational steps 1 Major Materials 2 Peeled and shredded mango 3 Shredded onion, ginger, garlic and dried chilli, marinated for 10 minutes with salt, straw and …


Alternative Potatoes

Beautiful beef in bodybuilding is indispensable. Beautiful potatoes in weight loss make you feel full and eat less staple food, which is conducive to weight loss. Food Material List 1 Potato 1 2 Cooked beef 1 pieces 3 soy sauce Appropriate amount 4 Olive oil Appropriate amount 5 Chinese wolfberry Appropriate amount Operational steps 1 …

Afternoon tea

Squid fried with garlic sauce

About the use of sauce can be Pixian bean paste, spicy sauce can be, or children do not eat spicy I choose bean paste. Food Material List 1 squid 2 Garlic bolt 3 Bean paste Operational steps 1 Remove the purple skin of squid, cut it into pieces and put a little salt and cooking …

Afternoon tea

The pot is full of golden melon cups

At the end of the year, busy running, and finally to the New Year ~ ~ ~I hope you all earn a “pot full”! Good luck, happy! Pumpkin, chicken and horseshoe are all very low calorie foods. When fish and meat are big, dont forget to be healthy. Please give XDJM guys of peas and …

Afternoon tea

Cauliflower with meat

Usually I dont cook very often, but I just like to eat my own dishes. When I cook, I dont like to put too many spices, the simpler the better. Soy sauce I only like soybean sauce, and I never like MSG when I cook. Like their own tune, like their own taste. Food Material …

Afternoon tea

Meat cone

A fast nutritious breakfast that children like. Food Material List 1 Low gluten powder 30g 2 Egg 2 only 3 salt Few 4 Black pepper Few 5 Ketchup 2 scoops 6 Salad dressing 2 scoops 7 Dried meat floss Appropriate amount 8 water Appropriate amount Operational steps 1 Eggs, flour, salt and black pepper are …

Afternoon tea

Stir-fried cow arrow with ginger and scallion

Food Material List 1 beef 400g Operational steps 1 Cut the beef with ginger and onion 2 Marinate the beef (salt, pepper, sugar, monosodium glutamate, a little oil) so that it tastes better. 3 Put the cured beef in a pot and fry it for 10 to 20 seconds at high temperature. After picking it …

Afternoon tea

Braised Winter Melon

Food Material List 1 Wax gourd 750g Operational steps 1 Cut the wax gourd into pieces and fry them in the pan after hot oil. 2 When the winter melon is ripe, add sauce, oil consumption and salt to season, then decorate the pot with shrimp. Tips