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Afternoon tea

Braised Winter Melon

Food Material List 1 Wax gourd 750g Operational steps 1 Cut the wax gourd into pieces and fry them in the pan after hot oil. 2 When the winter melon is ripe, add sauce, oil consumption and salt to season, then decorate the pot with shrimp. Tips

Afternoon tea

Salt and Pepper Crab

Food Material List 1 Big Crab Three to four Operational steps 1 Prepare small brushes and wire balls to clean crabs. Especially the hairs on the big and small clips should be scraped clean with a knife. Remove the crab legs and shells, wash them and put them in a dish for later use. 2 …

a dish that goes with liquor

Crisp mushroom with fragrant oil

Very nutritious dish, delicious, easy to make. Sparassiscrispa, also known as cauliflower mushroom, petal velvet, is a kind of large-scale fungus with both medicinal and edible functions. It contains very rich polysaccharides. In recent years, because of its excellent anti-cancer, immune regulation, and improving hematopoietic function, it has gradually become a research hotspot. Among them, …

Afternoon tea

Drink Chestnut Salad

This is the creative delicacy of a famous restaurant in Shanghai. Sweet chestnuts, slippery salad dressing, light coffee aftertaste. Lets taste it. I cant help but give the cook some wonderful ideas! _____________ For the first dish in 2014, follow Uncle Monkey and use simple materials at home to re-engrave this “brown chestnut salad”! Food …


Dry Pot Series II (Bacon Cabbage)

Dry pot series, master the method, mix freely, blend well! Food Material List 1 Cabbage A small one 2 Bacon Six Pieces 3 Dry pepper 4 4 Garlic clove 4 only 5 Old soy sauce 6 Cumin 7 salt 8 sugar 9 1:1:1 blending oil for goldfish 2 scoops Operational steps 1 First take out …

Afternoon tea

Egg-wrapped shrimps

Today, I was very hungry. When I got home, I suddenly wanted to eat eggs. It happened that there were shrimps in the refrigerator. Food Material List 1 Egg On demand 2 Shrimp meat On demand Operational steps 1 Beat the eggs with shrimp and salt. 2 Pour the hot oil into the egg juice. …


Maotai bean paste

Food Material List 1 Beans Appropriate amount 2 Sesame paste Appropriate amount Operational steps 1 Wash and cut the beans. Put water in the pot. After boiling, put a few drops of oil and a little salt in the pot. Put the beans in the hot water. Cool and drip the water. 2 Cut garlic …

Afternoon tea

Chinese cabbage with abalone juice

Food Material List 1 Shanghai Qing Four trees Operational steps 1 Leaves of green vegetables are broken apart and washed 2 Heat the pan with olive oil, stir-fry the vegetables and break them. 3 Add salt and abalone juice 4 Add water and starch to make a pot, and you can eat it! _____________ Tips

Afternoon tea

Sauted Bacon Melon Strips with Salmon Mustard Sauce

Unexpectedly, because of temporary laziness, the taste of the food is beyond my imagination. There are no necessary rules for cooking. As long as you dare to try. Learn to cook as you like. Surprises often appear. Food Material List 1 Bacon Appropriate amount 2 cucumber One root Operational steps 1 Prepare salmon mustard sauce, …

Afternoon tea

Vegetable rolls with pork and vegetables

Flesh with different tastes Food Material List 1 Streaky pork 250g 2 Carrot One root 3 Flammulina velutipes 50g 4 cucumber One root 5 Green Chinese onion One root 6 Secret condiments and recipes One scoop 7 Sichuan Pepper 5g 8 Pepper 15g 9 Soup 20g 10 soy sauce One scoop 11 sugar One scoop …