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Afternoon tea

Stir-fry with double wax

Bacon and sausage are made by themselves at the end of last year. They can be put in the refrigerator and picked up at random to make a dish. Today Id like a fried Dutch bean with double wax. Food Material List 1 Bacon A small piece 2 Sausage 2 small roots 3 Snow pea …

Afternoon tea

Lotus Pond Stir-fry

A light and nutritious stir-fry. Food Material List 1 Fresh lotus root Half 2 Snow pea 100g 3 Fungus 50g 4 Broccoli 50g 5 Carrot Few 6 Ripe corn kernels Few 7 Fresh Lily 2 8 Chinese yam Half root Operational steps 1 Chinese yam peeled, sliced (to prevent oxidation, sliced and immersed in water), …

Afternoon tea

Stir-fried amaranth with garlic

Food Material List 1 Three-colored amaranth A handful of Operational steps 1 Wash and cut amaranth into sections, put in oil pan, stir-fry amaranth and garlic, stir-fry until soft water can add salt out of the pot, eat vegetables in summer.~ Tips

Afternoon tea

Ding Ding Maotai

During the Spring Festival, every family cant live without chicken, fish and eggs. The proper addition of a meal will not only relieve the boredom, but also appetize the appetite. Food Material List 1 Celery 150g 2 Tenderloin 100g Operational steps 1 Rinse the tenderloin meat and cut it into small dices. Remove the old …

Afternoon tea

Fresh squid broccoli with cheese

Just a while ago, I had a famous dish in XX restaurant, fresh squid broccoli. I liked it very much and tried it at home several times. Its a complete accident to add cheese. A neighbors Mengwa likes cheese sauce. She eats cheese sauce by herself when she runs a meal at my house. She …


Fried green pepper with snail meat

Food Material List 1 Conch meat 200g 2 ginger 2 pieces 3 green pepper 4 only 4 oil A few 5 salt A few Operational steps 1 Wash the snail meat and green pepper, and cut the green pepper into one centimeter segments. Cut ginger into shreds and set aside. Heat the oil pan, add …

Afternoon tea

Spicy eggs

Food Material List 1 Tomatoes 1 2 Green pepper One 3 Egg Two Operational steps 1 Beat the eggs with salt, heat the pan, pour in a small amount of oil, add onions after the oil is hot, then stir-fry the eggs until yellowing, and serve. 2 Stir-fry in a hot oil pan with scallions …

Night snack

Delicious Sanxianshi

Food Material List 1 Apricot, abalone, mushroom, squid and leek Operational steps 1 Preparing materials, a squid, an abalone mushroom and a handful of leek 2 First, Dry-Cooked apricot and abalone mushrooms. 3 Stir-fry squid with some oil 4 Then add some oyster oil or abalone juice and a little salt. 5 Finally, add leek, …

Afternoon tea

Shallot Mushroom Slices-Super Simple Cuisine

It means something happened in the previous days, too busy to update the menu, recently a little bit idle, busy to update. One of the most favorite dishes with food, and nutritious, this day is the easiest upper respiratory tract infection phlegm and stasis, shallot can help viscous phlegm cough, and so on, and taste …

Afternoon tea

Scrambled Egg with Jasmine Flower

Jasmine scrambled eggs is a simple dish with flowers as its dish. It is made of fresh and fragrant jasmine flowers with attractive color and unique fragrance. It is matched with tender yellow eggs and tastes fresh. Food Material List 1 Jasmine Flower 50g 2 Egg 3 Operational steps 1 Fresh jasmine, wash and dry. …