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Afternoon tea

Crab clamp with spicy millet

This side of Jiaodong every year this season crab forceps or fresh crabs, wash and salted raw, have a different flavor. Food Material List 1 Fresh crab forceps A Jin 2 Shrimp oil Half bottle 3 salt Two spoons 4 Sichuan Pepper A pinch of 5 ginger A small piece 6 Capsicum frutescens 3 only …

Night snack

Fish roll with eggplant sauce

Food Material List 1 Grass Carp 1 1500g 2 lettuce 50g 3 Mushrooms 50g 4 Auricularia auricula 50g 5 Tomato sauce 50ml 6 Pepper 5g 7 Sugar 20g 8 Rice vinegar 50ml 9 Cooking wine 20ml 10 Green Chinese onion 20g 11 Ginger slices 20g Operational steps 1 1. First, slaughter the fish, remove the …


Provence Roasted Chicken Drumsticks

Food Material List 1 Drumsticks 3 Operational steps 1 Take the raw chicken leg out of the freezer and thaw it in warm water until the whole moustache is soft. 2 Prepare the New Orleans pickling liquid (less water in the process of beating, pickling liquid into a sticky shape), pour the frozen raw chicken …

Afternoon tea

Potato soup with meat balls

In winter, this dish is the most suitable, full of fragrance and super happiness. Food Material List 1 Potato 1 2 onion Half a piece 3 Green Chinese onion 1 roots 4 butter 35g 5 Unsalted butter 40ml 6 Chicken soup thick soup treasure 2 pieces Operational steps 1 Cut onions and butter into a …

Afternoon tea

Homemade yogurt

Food Material List 1 Yogurt 50ml 2 Pure milk 500ml Operational steps 1 The yogurt machine and all the containers needed were boiled. Mix yogurt with pure milk and pour into container. Put in the yogurt machine. Yogurt machine with 40 degrees of warm boiling water. Plug in power for 8-10 hours. The longer the …


Pot collapsed Dragon Figurine fish

Today, I met a friend of the former food editor, so I registered the account of Guodou. I sent a dish to share with you. Food Material List 1 Dragon Terracotta Fish (Boneless) 2 Egg 3 flour Operational steps 1 Lentinus edodes were soaked in warm water and softened, washed off the pedicels, and cut …

Afternoon tea

Flammulina velutipes fattening cattle

Food Material List 1 Fat cattle 2 Flammulina velutipes Operational steps 1 Selected Fat Cattle Flying Water for Use 2 Flammulina velutipes flying bottom 3 Add secret sauce to the pot and pour over it. 4 Burn oil, add garlic powder, dried pepper and fresh pepper. Tips

staple food

Crab-flavored Mushroom with Eggplant Juice

Tomatoes are a dish I cant tire of eating, whether raw, cold, stewed soup, stir-fried vegetables, I love them very much. I wrote in my previous blog: I am a tomato controller, I am a tomato controller. Ha-ha. A simple dish with rice and noodles. Food Material List 1 Crab flavor mushroom 200g 2 tomato …

Afternoon tea

White radish chicken soup

I havent eaten white radish for a long time. When I take ginseng, I cant eat white radish. When I eat white radish, the effect of ginseng is lost. Yesterday, a stand calendar, oh, more than half a month, you can eat white radish, clear the body of the fire, and then continue to supplement. …


Fried Tofu with Toona sinensis Eggs

Food Material List 1 North tofu 250g 2 Egg 3 3 Toona sinensis 30g Operational steps 1 Toona is scalded and chopped with boiling water. Tofu is crushed and Toona is put into a bowl together. Three eggs are poured into the bowl. The onions and salt are stirred well. 2 Heat the vegetable oil …