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Food Material List 1 Balebo Milkshake One 2 Oleos original flavor A block Operational steps 1 Blebo Milkshake Mixed with Chopsticks 2 Oreo removed the interlayer and crushed it into small particles with a rolling pin 3 Stir the milkshake and put in small Oreo granules. Tips

Northeast Cuisine

Watermelon Ice

I dont feel bad making desserts. There arent many things in my family. I make some delicious food by myself. Food Material List 1 watermelon 2 water 3 Ice lattice Operational steps 1 Ice lattice 2 iced watermelon 3 bowl 4 Cut off some 5 Bowl setting 6 Juices 7 Put the pressed juice in …

Northeast Cuisine

Ice Cream with Egg Milk (Ice Sand)

Food Material List 1 egg-yolk yellow Five (big eggs) 2 Pure milk 220ml 3 Cottonseed sugar 50g Operational steps 1 Stir together 5 yolks, 50 grams of cotton sugar and 220 mL of milk. 2 Ha-ha, forgot to take photos, and then, put the stirred egg milk into the pot, heated to a slightly cooked …

Northeast Cuisine

Homemade fruit ice cream

Food Material List 1 Ice cream powder 1 packs 2 ice water A reel 3 Various fruits How many? 4 Yogurt 400mI 5 Condensed milk Appropriate amount Operational steps 1 Everything is ready. 2 Pour the condensed Passion Fruit Ice Cream Powder into the yogurt mixing bowl and put the ice water under it. Stir …

Night snack

Yogurt Mango

I love these two things too much. Food Material List 1 Big mango I use the “golden awn” 2 Yogurt 50g Operational steps 1 Its better to keep yogurt and mango fresh in the refrigerator before preparing them. Yogurt is optional. I choose digestive aid. 2 Cut mango into cubes and put them on a …

Northeast Cuisine

Summer miscellaneous fruit popsicles? Qixi

Sweet summer! There are four kinds of seasonal fruits at home, so you can try other fruits too! ____________ Food Material List 1 Pineapple Half a 2 Pitaya Half a 3 Peach 2 only 4 Grape Appropriate amount 5 salt Appropriate amount 6 Sugar Appropriate amount 7 milk 100ml Operational steps 1 Fruit preparation, my …

Northeast Cuisine

Lemon milk ice cream

In the process of production, the butter was forgotten to take photos. Fruit friends could not see the real photos. The effect was not perfect. Food Material List 1 Eggs 2, lemon 1, butter 200, sugar 60 grams Operational steps 1 Use 200 grams of milk, put it on the stove and boil it over …

Northeast Cuisine

Fire Dragon Fruit Sand Ice/Smooth Snow

Food Material List 1 Pitaya fruit (preferably red heart) Half 2 Banana Half root 3 Yogurt (Moslian for me) 200ml (small box) 4 Food Processing Machine One Operational steps 1 Slice all the fruits into a freezer and freeze them hard. (More than an hour) 2 Put the frozen fruit into the mixer and add …

Northeast Cuisine

Cool Summer Ice Claw Rod Ice

A small mold transforms thousands of flavors Food Material List 1 Yogurt Half bottle 2 Pear One oclock 3 Sour plum soup stick ice 4 Syrup of plum Appropriate amount Operational steps 1 Yogurt claw stick ice, can be put into favorite fruits 2 Pour in yogurt and freeze for one night. 3 Lovely yogurt …

Northeast Cuisine

Mung Bean Popsicle

A list of essential items for summer heat dissipation Food Material List 1 Mung bean 250g 2 Sugar Operational steps 1 Boil mung beans, you can use a pressure cooker to crush, you can also boil wine for a long time to boil, add sugar (sugar can be added more). Then scoop up the mung …