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Beijing cuisine

Garlic pork chop

Every time you make a lot of pork chops, it takes time to dip in flour, egg juice and bread crumb. The result of the improved method is much faster. Food Material List 1 Pork chop 2 tablets 2 Garlic powder and garlic powder 20g 3 Egg 1 4 Soy sauce 5ml 5 salt 1g …

Beijing cuisine

Pan-fried pork chops

Babies will feel unwilling to eat too much meat. Usually the food is too monotonous. You can try fried pork chops. Simple, the point is the temperature. Food Material List 1 Pork and pork 500g Operational steps 1 Pickled pork chops: add salt, garlic, soy sauce paste, MSG a little, and marinate for 30 minutes. …

staple food

Kimchi Kimchi

The first time I went to the recipe was also in the mood of trying it out. I always liked Kimchi very much. I synthesized the recipes on the Internet. Food Material List 1 Chinese cabbage (big ones) 1 trees Operational steps 1 Cut the Chinese cabbage into 6-8 equal portions. After washing, apply salt …


Taiwanese snacks – DIY sweet or not spicy

Food Material List 1 Bream 300g 2 starch 50g 3 salt 1 teaspoon 4 Pepper 1/4 spoon 5 ice water 100g Operational steps 1 Chop fish or use a food conditioner to break it up 2 In a bowl, add chopped fish paste, starch, salt, pepper and ice water. 3 The fish paste will be …

Hunan cuisine

Korean Spicy Fried New Year Cake

I always like Korean snacks and try to cook them by myself through bean and fruit delicacies. Food Material List 1 Bacon Put it on your own according to the situation. You can also see the materials I prepared. 2 Bar New Year Cake 3 Korean chili sauce 4 onion 5 green pepper 6 Corn, …


Spicy Fried New Year Cake

Food Material List 1 Rice cake Appropriate amount Operational steps 1 Stir-fry onion, ginger and garlic 2 New Years Cake 3 Put in a spoonful of Korean chili sauce 4 Add a small amount of Pixian bean paste, vinegar and sugar, add a small amount of water, and collect the juice. Tips

Northeast Cuisine

Deep-Fried Spare Ribs

Children who like meat should love this delicacy. Make your own healthy delicacies. Eat at ease Food Material List 1 Semen or tenderloin 100g 2 flour 100g 3 Egg 1 4 Black pepper, salt and spices Appropriate amount Operational steps 1 Salted pork chops < br /> one day in advance is very simple. Its …


Thai Sweet and Spicy Shrimp

Food Material List 1 Prawns Operational steps 1 Wash prawns 2 Use toothpick to pick out shrimp thread. 3 After cleaning again, add a little salt, cooking wine and shredded scallions and ginger to marinate for about 10 minutes. 4 In a bowl, pour three tablespoons of Thai sweet chili sauce, some sugar and white …


Stir-fry octopus with a big bowl of rice

Do you like squid or octopus? I prefer tender octopus, and I especially like spicy ones. So tonight, I decided to cook hot fried octopus with Korean food. I hope mummies like it. Food Material List 1 octopus 6 only 2 A turnip 150g 3 Carrot 100g 4 Green Chinese onion One root 5 Pepper …


Egg yolk Mint in hot and sweet wings

Want some spicy food Food Material List 1 Wing Middle Joint 2 onion 3 Egg yolk wine 4 Mint 5 Black pepper Operational steps 1 Mint leaves, yolk wine, black pepper, pepper, olive oil, sugar, soy sauce and salt are mixed and marinated in a winged basin for more than 2 hours. Then they are …