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Northeast Cuisine

Fresh shrimp bacon pizza

Lazy Man Necessary Skills ~Add Whatever You Like~ Food Material List 1 Frozen Pizza Pizza Pizza (9 inches) a sheet 2 Pizza Sauce Appropriate amount 3 Masurilla cheese Appropriate amount Operational steps 1 Material ready, pizza pizza, mozzarella cheese thawed in advance~ 2 Cut bacon, slice green pepper, peel fresh shrimp~ 3 Brush a layer …

Northeast Cuisine

Butter snack bag

A very easy-to-make butter meal bag to share with you, adding butter and milk meal bag, as breakfast and afternoon tea are good choices?^^ Food Material List 1 Strong flour 400g 2 Unsalted butter 150g 3 Berry sugar 40g 4 Whole egg juice 40g 5 yeast 4G 6 salt 3G 7 milk 50g 8 Egg …

Northeast Cuisine

Milk pudding

Like Nestle Hawks mellow and smooth milk, make a milk pudding for baby, its very simple.~ Food Material List 1 Condensed milk 60g 2 Pure milk A box of 3 Egg 3 4 Lemon juice (do not leave) 5g 5 Pudding bottle 100ml, 6 Operational steps 1 Preparatory materials~ 2 Beat eggs in a bowl …