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a dish that goes with liquor

Vinegar radish

Food Material List 1 Ternip 2500g Operational steps 1 Get all the materials ready. 2 Wash and slice the white radish. 3 Add salt, mix salt with radish by hand, and marinate for 30 minutes. 4 After 30 minutes, pour out the salted water and rinse it with clean water. 5 Add a little sugar …

Northeast Cuisine

Overnight yogurt oats

Food Material List 1 Yogurt One bottle 2 All kinds of Oats 3 Various dried fruits 4 dried fruits Operational steps 1 Prepare all kinds of fruits and vegetables, dried fruits and oats you need. 2 Layer by layer pour the ingredients into the capped bottle 3 Slowly pour yogurt into the bottle 4 Cover …

a dish that goes with liquor

Onion mixed with agaric

Food Material List 1 onion Half 2 Fungus 8 Flower Operational steps 1 Cut agaric foam into shreds. Wash onion and cut into shreds. 2 Cut the dried red pepper into small pieces and heat the oil in a bowl filled with pepper and pepper. 3 Pour pepper and pepper oil into a bowl filled …

Northeast Cuisine

Raisin yogurt Qifeng cake

Todays break, I made a Qifeng cake to make fun. In fact, at any age, we need a little romance to add some pleasure and surprise to our ordinary life, just like the salt in a dish, ha ha…. Food Material List 1 Egg 4 2 Sugar 40g 3 Low-gluten flour 80g 4 Corn oil …


Lotus Seed Peach Tomato Soup

Food Material List 1 Lotus seeds that have been cored 150g 2 Peach 2 Operational steps 1 Prepare materials. 2 The lotus seeds were soaked overnight in clear water ahead of schedule. 3 Peel the peaches and cut them into pieces. Boil lotus seeds and tomato sauce in clear water. Bring it to a simmer …


Pickled cabbage core

Food Material List 1 Pickled cabbage core Two trees Operational steps 1 Two pickles. 2 Cut it up and put it in a glass container. 3 Add sugar, chicken essence, onion powder, sesame oil and chili oil and mix well. Tips

Italy cuisine

Pitaya enzymes

Food Material List 1 Pitaya 3 2 Apple 1 3 Purified water 6 litres 4 sugar 600g Operational steps 1 The outer skin of the pitaya fruit is cut off with a knife. The inner skin of the pitaya fruit is peeled, and all the apples are cut into small pieces. The cut fruit, sugar …


Sour cabbage

Food Material List 1 Chinese cabbage Operational steps 1 Cut cabbage into slices and take a bowl. Stir vinegar, soy sauce, salt and sugar into a bowl. Cut ginger and garlic into pieces. Put ginger and garlic into chilli when the oil is three-part hot. Put cabbage in a bowl. When the cabbage is three-part …


Hawthorn Cake

Hawthorn can be digested, accumulated, open the spleen and stomach, especially after eating greasy to eat greasy effect is better. Food Material List 1 Hawthorn 500g 2 White granulated sugar 454g Operational steps 1 I usually cut Hawthorn into 4 pieces after coring, then rinse it with clean water. Its better to clean it with …