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Tomato and Egg Soup

Simple, convenient, nutritious and suitable for all ages. Food Material List 1 tomato 1 2 Egg 2 Operational steps 1 Slice tomatoes, beat eggs into egg juice, shredded scallions for use. 2 Take 2 spoonfuls of flour, add water and mix into a sauce shape. Set aside. 3 Hot pot, pour oil, hot oil, put …


Sauerkraut Big Bone Cooker

Food Material List 1 Sauerkraut from Northeast China One tree 2 tibia 6 paragraph Operational steps 1 Rinse pickles slightly, then drain them and cut them into shreds. 2 Clean the cavity bone with a clear blister for 20 minutes and drain the water after removing the blood. 3 Slice garlic in reserve 4 Put …

Night snack

Fruit mustard fried chicken

Greenery mustard, known as sunflower, is one of the most representative condiments in Japan. Green mustard has a unique style of spicy. It rushes directly to the head, nostrils and corners of the eyes as soon as it is spicy at the entrance. However, this kind of spicy rush, stimulation is limited to the head …

Afternoon tea

Shrimp and Hericium erinaceus in Eggplant Juice

Although the four seasons are beautiful, Beijings autumn is particularly noticeable, without the dust of spring, less summer boredom, and more colors than winter. If the “Fairy Tale of Autumn” must exist, it is in Beijing, Beijings autumn, it is really beautiful to recall the scenes of filming in previous years, for an instant. I …

a dish that goes with liquor

Caragana Saint cabbage salad

Food Material List 1 Cherry Tomatoes 2 lemon 3 Purple cabbage 4 Sweet corn 5 Mosaic Operational steps 1 Wash and cut purple cabbage into shreds. Cut small tomatoes in half. Cut mosaic leaves into shreds. Remove corn kernels from the water. 2 Red wine vinegar with sage salt, pepper, olive oil, fresh lemon juice …

a dish that goes with liquor

Aromatic acid white lotus root

Food Material List 1 Lotus root Section Operational steps 1 Wash and slice the lotus root, and cook in a pot with boiling water for 2 minutes. Remove and put in cold water. 2 Shave ginger and cut into jasmine. Add white vinegar and salt. 3 Mix the lotus root in the ginger juice, then …


Sweet & sour Shredded potato

Food Material List 1 Potato Operational steps 1 Cut potatoes into shreds, remove starch from soaking water to keep them crisp and crisp 2 Stir-fry onion and ginger in oil pan, add potato shreds directly, stir-fry quickly, and season with a little vinegar, salt and sugar. Tips


Salted sour radish

This salad sour radish, but no matter what you eat, what you eat, what you eat, what you flour and what you drink, its very good. Food Material List 1 pickled radish 2 Dried mushroom 3 Coriander 4 Ginger and garlic Operational steps 1 Wash mushrooms and slice them. Cut sour radish into small pieces. …


Pickled Chinese cabbage with plain boiled pork

Food Material List 1 Streaky pork 2 Pickled cabbage resembling sauerkraut Operational steps 1 Add pork, scallion, ginger, pepper, big ingredients and plenty of water to the pot, and boil for about half an hour after skimming the foam. 2 Cool the cooked pork and slice it for later use. 3 Cut pickles into thin …


Sour and spicy shredded potatoes

After seven or eight attempts, I concentrated my personal opinions and transformed it into something I would never cook, but it was definitely my own creation. Food Material List 1 Potato Three (large) 2 Pepper 3 to 4 3 onion Half 4 Cucumber, carrot Small shredded silk Operational steps 1 Cut the potatoes into shreds …