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Dark beans that make Dajing jealous

Wake up in the morning and watch some people because of high blood pressure. The nosebleeds and the hearts are hurting. Tears roll around in the eyes… I remember someone said that vinegar pickled black beans are particularly responsible, so hurry to carry large bags of small bags to the supermarket, for the sake of …


Fruit yogurt ice cream

Summer is coming. Make your own ice-cream for your baby. Its healthy and nutritious. Food Material List 1 Yogurt cup 100g Operational steps 1 Cut the fruit into dices 2 This is a peach. 3 Place cherry dice in a bowl, add yogurt and honey, mix well. 4 Honey peach 5 Its OK to put …

Northeast Cuisine

lemon soda

My cup is smaller, so its smaller, so the bigger relatives can multiply by two. Food Material List 1 Soda water 165 ml (half bottle) 2 lemon 13 3 sugar 3G Operational steps 1 Family photo, ha ha ha 2 Squeeze lemon juice first, squeeze hard. 3 I squeezed so much. 4 3 g Sugar …

Northeast Cuisine

Blue Yan Bosom Friend (Make Cocktail)

Food Material List 1 Ruiao Blue Cocktail 1 bottles 2 Sprite 1 bottles 3 Green lemon 1 4 Yellow lemon 1 5 Mint leaf 3 tablets Operational steps 1 Rinse the lemon with salt, slice the yellow lemon and slice the green lemon. 2 Sprite and Ruiao refrigerated in refrigerator 3 Wash mint leaves for …


Warm and sweet honey lemon tea

Ive always wanted to see the sunrise in Tibet with people I love in the future. Making a cup of warm honey lemon tea and watching the beautiful scenery with him, accompanied by the old… Food Material List 1 Fresh lemon 6 2 Honey Appropriate amount 3 salt A few Operational steps 1 Lemons are …


Miscellaneous Yoghurt Mousse

Food Material List 1 Plain Chiffon cake 2 tablets 2 Yogurt 200g 3 milk 60g 4 Gelatin sheets 4.5 tablets 5 Unsalted butter 250g 6 sugar 60g 7 Fruit Ding Appropriate amount 8 Orange slices 10 tablets Operational steps 1 Place the gelatin slices in the ice blister and set aside. Cut the oranges into …

Northeast Cuisine

Kiwifruit yoghurt

Recently in weight loss, eat this online, both vitamin supplements and satiety, haha, kill two birds with one stone. Food Material List 1 Yogurt 150g 2 Kiwifruit One Operational steps 1 Pour yogurt into a bowl, peel and slice kiwifruit into a yogurt bowl. Tips


Tomato and Egg Soup

Simple, convenient, nutritious and suitable for all ages. Food Material List 1 tomato 1 2 Egg 2 Operational steps 1 Slice tomatoes, beat eggs into egg juice, shredded scallions for use. 2 Take 2 spoonfuls of flour, add water and mix into a sauce shape. Set aside. 3 Hot pot, pour oil, hot oil, put …


Sauerkraut Big Bone Cooker

Food Material List 1 Sauerkraut from Northeast China One tree 2 tibia 6 paragraph Operational steps 1 Rinse pickles slightly, then drain them and cut them into shreds. 2 Clean the cavity bone with a clear blister for 20 minutes and drain the water after removing the blood. 3 Slice garlic in reserve 4 Put …