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Broccoli with shrimps

In the morning market, green and fresh broccoli, do not buy two, always feel sorry for their stomach, just have shrimp at home, thinking that it must be made very beautiful ~ ~Hey hey, if it is really successful, color and fragrance have ~ ~Happy ~ ~You might as well try ~ ~very simple ~ …

a dish that goes with liquor

Chilled pork

Today, February 2, eat some cold pork head should be the scene. Food Material List 1 pigs-head meat Eighty 2 cucumber 1 roots 3 Yuba Appropriate amount 4 Fungus Several tablets 5 Carrot Few Operational steps 1 Soak the rot bamboo in clear water ahead of time. 2 After boiling the foamed bamboo, cut it …

Cold Dishes

Mango and pear shredded

Developed by ourselves, it has rich taste and mellow taste. Food Material List 1 Mango One 2 Pears (not too ripe) One 3 Peach One Operational steps 1 Cut pear and mango into shreds. Cut peaches into pieces. 2 Dilute the honey with water, squeeze a little lemon juice, and adjust the juice. 3 Place …


Emerald balsam pear

Food Material List 1 Balsam pear 200g Operational steps 1 Two fresh balsam pears 2 Wash and remove the pulp. 3 Section 4 Add a little salt, a little sugar, and mix well. 5 Add a little garlic powder and put it in the refrigerator for refrigeration. It tastes better. Tips


Strawberry Big Pulp Yoghurt Mix

When your heart is broken, the cold sweet taste can heal. Food Material List 1 Strawberry 10 pieces 2 Yogurt Appropriate amount Operational steps 1 Wash strawberries and soak them in dilute salt water for five minutes. 2 Take off the base and sprinkle with yogurt. 3 Directly use a spoon to insert strawberry pieces, …


Cheese and fruit Chowder

In recent days, the south of the Yangtze River has been covered by fog and haze, and the air is dirty. It seems that we have seldom encountered such polluted weather before. Many people obviously feel that their breathing is not smooth, their chest is stuffy and their mood is affected. Fortunately, the cold air …

Northeast Cuisine

Buttered red-hearted pitaya fruit

Suddenly I wanted to eat butter. There were pitaya in the fridge, so I tasted it together. It felt good. Food Material List 1 cream Appropriate amount 2 Red Heart Dragon Fruit Appropriate amount Operational steps 1 Slice the Pitaya fruit. 2 Pour some butter into the bowl. 3 Stir and eat. Tips

Northeast Cuisine

Fruit Jinyu

Food Material List 1 My favorite fruit 2 Cold day powder 2G 3 Clean water 200ML 4 Granulated sugar 50g Operational steps 1 Boil 200 ml of clear water with 2 g cold-weather powder and add 50 g Sugar to mix evenly. 2 Choose your favorite fruit and cut it. 3 First, a layer of …