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a dish that goes with liquor

Papaya fruit salad

Buy a fresh papaya, find out the vegetables and fruits in the family. Decide to make a salad, because the child is only 15 months old, so papaya and bananas are the main ones. Unexpectedly, he likes them very much and eats a lot of papaya and bananas. Food Material List 1 Papaya Half 2 …


Purple potato cake

Food Material List 1 Purple sweet potato Operational steps 1 Steam and press into mud. 2 Mix with sugar and honey. 3 Hair. 4 Divide the prescription and roll the skin. 5 Stuffing. 6 Flatten and stick sesame. 7 Deep-fry until golden. Tips

Northeast Cuisine

Sammillo with pitaya coconut juice

Food Material List 1 Sago A handful of 2 Coconut Juice 30g 3 milk 4 Pitaya Half 5 sugar Operational steps 1 Pour coconut juice, milk and sugar into a small pot and boil until set aside at room temperature. 2 Boil the pot with water and pour in the sago. 3 Bring to a …

Night snack

Glutinous rice pumpkin

Food Material List 1 Pumpkin 2 Glutinous rice flour 200g 3 custard powder 1 teaspoon 4 Honey 1 teaspoon 5 Sugar Appropriate amount 6 Bread sugar 7 oil Operational steps 1 Pumpkin steamed in pot and mashed into mud 2 Add glutinous rice flour, cheese powder, honey and sugar, adjust according to their own taste, …

Afternoon tea

Easy to make fried fruit jelly

Seeing the fried fruit milk frozen of DIY private dishes from my mobile phone, I found it interesting, but the introduction was too simple, and did not specify the specific dosage and production steps. So I decided to try it. The DIY fruit milk frozen at home, then wrapped with bread bran, fried, felt crisp, …

Northeast Cuisine

Orange, apple, Sydney juice Qixi

The hot summer is coming, and the drinks on the market are like kaleidoscopes for promotion and sale. Under the condition of uncertain ingredients and sugar powder content, parents dont want their babies to take in too many preservatives and additives, so they can make healthy juice of the original juice by themselves. Babies have …


Milk Snow Ear Stewed Flower Gum

Food Material List 1 Typical glue cartridge 4-5 2 milk 500ml 3 white fungus A small piece 4 Crystal sugar Appropriate amount Operational steps 1 Flower gum should be soaked one night in advance, usually more than 12 hours, depending on the thickness of the gum, the time of thick foam should be longer, and …


Fresh Tremella stewed Papaya Soup

I liked Tremella when I was young, but I used to eat dried tremella! Dry Tremella fuciformis should be foamed and boiled for a long time. Every time we boil Tremella fuciformis soup, we think it is a big project! Since that time, my cousin gave me some of his own Tremella to taste, I …