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Citrus Tremella and Coix Seed

Very healthy Food Material List 1 Tremella 15 flower 2 citrus Two 3 Job tears 50g Operational steps 1 1. Tremella fuciformis is opened with boiling water, the yellow root is removed, and the small pieces are torn by hand. 2 Coix seed was soaked overnight in advance. 3 Cut the orange peel into shreds …


Cream-flavored Protein Soup for Beauty and Body Loss

High protein and low energy are especially suitable for children who lose fat and increase muscle. Rich milk fragrance is also very beautiful. ~According to the BBC study, soup digests very slowly protein to give people a sense of satiety. The combination of the two is perfect for people who lose weight.~ Food Material List …


Meat skin and hoof tendon cooker

Food Material List 1 Skin of oil-dried meat Two pieces 2 Dried hoof tendon Seven or eight roots 3 Shredded meat Few 4 Winter bamboo shoots One 5 Mushroom Three or four 6 Cabbage Heart Four or five Operational steps 1 Oil-dried meat skins and dry hoof tendons are put into a basin, then boiled …

Italy cuisine

mulled wine

The first time the grapes drank hot red wine was at the Prague Christmas Fair in the ice and snow. The winter of that year was extremely cold, and Prague must have stood by him. In the evening, when my mother-in-law and Mr. Shi came out of the hotel to find food, they couldnt beat …

a dish that goes with liquor

Talking about Mei Yun Dou

Food Material List 1 Kidney bean Appropriate amount Operational steps 1 Kidney beans soaked in cold water for 12 hours 2 Remove kidney beans and put them in a pot. Put water in the pot. Soy sauce is a little, plum is a little, sugar is a little. 3 When the water boils, make a …


Winter melon and kelp lean broth (lazy version)

These two days gum fire, eating a bit painful, speech will be inaccurate… So cook a fire-reducing soup specially and press the fire. Everyone knows that winter melon and kelp are good products of fire, so I believe that if you drink this soup, the fire will soon be over, Amitabha Buddha, Buddha bless you. …


Hawthorn soup

Food Material List 1 Hawthorn 10-15 pieces 2 Ice Sugar (Crystal Ice Sugar I Use) 5-6 3 Siwutang tea bag One Operational steps 1 Remove the washed hawthorn and cut it into small pieces < br /> I used chopsticks from the Hawthorn pedicle on the Internet to study, and then the check came out …


Purple potato tremella soup

Afternoon dessert. Food Material List 1 Purple sweet potato 2 Tremella Operational steps 1 Bubble Tremella fuciformis, wash it and tear it into small pieces. Peel purple potatoes and cut them into small pieces. 2 Wash the jujube and wolfberry ice sugar and set aside. 3 First, put Tremella purple potatoes in an electric rice …

Afternoon tea


Food Material List 1 cucumber 20g 2 Tomatoes 20g 3 Romaine Lettuce 20g 4 Macaroni 20g Operational steps 1 Cucumber slices, tomatoes slices, lettuce slices 2 Cook macaroni with cold water 3 Mix well with salad dressing and a little salt. Tips