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Northeast Cuisine

Egg Salad Sandwich Low-calorie Diet

Push on another sandwich you love (hope you have porridge, too) Food Material List 1 Egg One piece 2 Salad dressing A spoonful 3 toast Two tablets 4 cucumber A short paragraph Operational steps 1 1. Cook the raw eggs in a hot water pot for 10 minutes, cool < br /> 2. Peel the …

French cuisine


Food Material List 1 Glutinous rice, vegetable, onion, mushroom, meat, carrot, shrimp skin Operational steps 1 Get the stuffing ready and start cooking 2 The glutinous rice is soaked for half an hour, steamed in a steaming pot and fried with rice. Tips

staple food

Oil-dripped chili pepper

It should be called oil-soaked pepper with wood oil… This dish is all vegetarian!!! The reason why I wrote the recipe is because I like to eat it. I remember to eat another meat dish during the slow-acting period. It should also be Hunan cuisine. It is also my fathers specialty. Because my father has …

Western-style food

Sister Beckhams Slim Plus Meal-Chickpea Paste

Over the past decade, chickpeas have gained worldwide popularity, and celebrities have been using this treasure for a long time. For example, Bessie, who has four children, has her own fashion empire, keeps a devils figure and vigor! Explore her recipe and youll find that Mrs. Beckhams afternoon meal is just chickpea mashed with carrots! …

Afternoon tea

Diet vegetable

This dish is very simple, all kinds of dishes you like can be matched at will, cabbage radish, bean products, all kinds of mushrooms can be stewed in a pot. This dish has only a little sesame oil and salt, no other condiments, green bean products and mushrooms cooked together taste good, soup is also …


Vegetable Stock

A bowl of vegetable soup before meal can not only satisfy appetite, but also help to lose weight. Working people are busy, leaving work late, cook a bowl of soup quickly, simple and healthy. The monotonous soup is not only tasteless, but also nutritious, so it can be used as the base of other soups. …

Cold Dishes

Red bean paste spring roll

Spring rolls, also known as spring cakes, pancakes. It is a kind of traditional food for folk festivals. At present, it is popular all over China, especially in the south of the Yangtze River. In addition to providing food for their own homes, folk people are often used to entertain guests. It has a long …


Household boiled cabbage

Boiled cabbage, famous dishes! Boiled water is not real boiled water, the hall of this dish is all in water, ordinary like you and me, I am afraid it is difficult to make! Look at my self-created “boiled cabbage”, which is worthy of the name, simple and easy to do, and get peoples table! Food …


Cooking Secret: Simple Economic Production of Soup

Soup is the secret weapon of the kitchen. Its the high and low quality of the dishes and the high and low cooking skills. During the holidays, especially to prepare enough soup! This short video teaches you how to make and store broth easily and cheaply. Food Material List 1 Chicken Backbone 4 pieces Operational …