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Cream cake roll

Food Material List 1 Low-gluten flour 85g 2 Egg 4 Operational steps 1 Separate the egg white, mix the yolk with 10g sugar, add 40 g salad oil and 40 g milk, mix well. 2 Sift in low gluten flour and stir with a rubber knife. 3 Add a few drops of lemon juice or …

Creative dishes

Roast chicken wings (oven)

Food Material List 1 Chicken middle wing 13 only 2 Honey Few Operational steps 1 I forgot about the shooting process, but it was really delicious, so I wanted to write it down. 2 Every chicken wing incision tastes good. 3 Cut the chicken wings and put them in a big bowl and marinate them …


BreadTalk Meat Floss Bread

Meat floss bread is the sign of bread neologism. Today, I learned to make it at home. It tastes good. Food Material List 1 Strong flour 152G 2 butter 15g 3 yeast 3G 4 Egg 1 5 Dried meat floss Appropriate amount Operational steps 1 Add yeast to warm milk until it melts. Add sugar, …


Shrimp and Pineapple Rice

Food Material List 1 Steamed Rice 2 pineapple 3 cucumber 4 Luncheon meat 5 Egg 6 Shrimp Operational steps 1 First, dice the pineapple, cucumber and lunch meat step by step and set aside. 2 Break up the eggs and set aside. 3 Rinse the shrimp and chill it, then shell it for later use. …

Cold Dishes

Fried rice with sour radish

Food matching, nutritious and delicious! Food Material List 1 Steamed Rice 2 Minced meat 3 pickled radish 4 Xuelihong Operational steps 1 Season minced meat, add appropriate amount of soy sauce, salt, five spices powder, monosodium glutamate, and marinate for half an hour. 2 Cut sour radish slices into dices. Choose vegetable stalks for Xuelihong. …


Eggplant roast chicken cartilage

Food Material List 1 eggplant Two roots 2 Chicken cartilage 100g Operational steps 1 Cut the garlic into garlic and dissolve it. Cut the ginger into small pieces and set aside. 2 Wash eggplants and peel off some of them. Cut small pieces and soak them in water to avoid darkening. 3 Wash the chicken …


Pan-fried tofu

Food Material List 1 Marinated Tofu A block Operational steps 1 Tofu is cut into square pieces about 1 cm thick. 2 Place a small amount of oil in a pan and fry until golden on both sides. 3 Sprinkle with fine salt. Eat while its hot. Tips

staple food

Eight Delicacies in Hot Sauce

Food Material List 1 Ham brtt 250g 2 Potato Two 3 Water bamboo Two roots 4 Mushrooms Three 5 Peanut meat 50g Operational steps 1 1. Cut all the ingredients into dices. < br /> 2, stir-fry two kinds of soybean paste, add diced meat, stir-fry into other ingredients, add a little water, sugar, raw, …


Curry Rice

Food Material List 1 Potato One 2 onion Half of them 3 Carrot Half root 4 asparagus One root 5 meat 50g Operational steps 1 1. Cut all ingredients into dices. < br /> 2. Stir-fry onion into curry powder to give fragrance, add meat and other cut ingredients, stir-fry and add half a bowl …


Egg milk vegetable cake

Food Material List 1 A small bowl of flour About 200 g Operational steps 1 Wash and dice carrots, green peppers and mushrooms. 2 Put the flour in the bowl and beat two eggs in. 3 Pour the milk in and stir it upside down. 4 Be sure to stir up the knots inside, the …