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Durian Pizza (pancake version)

Durian control Food Material List 1 Strong flour 60g 2 Egg juice 20g 3 water Appropriate amount 4 salt Appropriate amount 5 Ripe Durian 1 pieces 6 Corn grain Appropriate amount 7 Mozzarella Appropriate amount Operational steps 1 Flour with water, a little salt, 15 grams of egg liquid, and flour after 20 minutes. 2 …

Northeast Cuisine

Date Mafen

Baked Virgin Show Food Material List 1 Red dates 100g 2 Low-gluten flour 90g 3 butter 30g 4 Brown sugar 60g Operational steps 1 Jujube weighing 2 Kernel, chop, and try to use fleshy dates. Yummy 3 Butter, baking soda, weighing reserve 4 Sift flour, baking powder. In order to be more fluffy and hair …

Creative dishes

Sweet and Sour Spare Ribs

Food Material List 1 Spareribs 500g Operational steps 1 Wash into the pot, stir-fry until discoloration, add salt, monosodium glutamate, soy sauce, vinegar, add water, water too spareribs, big fire boil, turn to medium fire, quickly dry, turn to big fire, collect juice! Tips


Jujube Rose Tremella fuciformis soup-collagen supplement

Eat it within a week after your aunt arrives. Make sure your face is covered with collagen and your face turns white after three months of drinking with netizens. Food Material List 1 Tremella 3 flower 2 Jujube 3 3 Lily A handful 4 Chinese wolfberry A handful 5 Dried longan A handful 6 Rose …

Northeast Cuisine

Chocolate Chiffon Cake

This is an 8-inch quantity. I use a 6-inch circular die and two paper cups. Food Material List 1 Low-gluten flour 70g 2 Egg 5 3 Cocoa powder 30g 4 White granulated sugar 40g (yolk) and 60g (protein) 5 Corn oil 65ml 6 milk 60ml Operational steps 1 Egg white and yolk are separated and …


Spinach and scallop porridge

Spring dryness, people are prone to fire, fire will appear when aphtha, astringent stool and other symptoms. If the fire does not go away, there will be more toxins left in the body, which will cause a variety of diseases. Spinach is the earliest spring market, which is beneficial to detoxification. “Materia Medica Seeks Truth” …


Oyster Oil and Vegetables

Food Material List 1 Pleurotus eryngii 1 2 green pepper 3 Operational steps 1 Wash green pepper and cut into pieces. Cut apricot and abalone mushrooms into big dices. 2 Stir-fry green pepper in hot pot and cold oil 3 After frying the fragrance, the green pepper is served. 4 Stir-fry almond mushroom and abalone …


Scrambled egg with tomato

Food Material List 1 Tomatoes 3 pieces 2 Egg 2 pieces Operational steps 1 Cut tomatoes into small pieces (not too big or tasty) and break up eggs. 2 Pour the hot egg liquid into the oil pan and fry it to pieces. 3 Add some more oil and stir-fry the tomatoes (mash the tomatoes …


Sour and spicy shredded potatoes

I dont like the taste of vinegar, so I prefer tomato instead of sour when cooking. Food Material List 1 Potato One big potato 2 Pepper One Operational steps 1 Potatoes peeled and shredded, soaked in water (change water). Chili, shredded tomatoes, chopped small pieces of onion and garlic, minced 2 Pour the scallions and …

Cold Dishes

Meat dough

Sweet and sour taste Food Material List 1 Tenderloin 2 flour 3 Potato starch Operational steps 1 Cut the meat into thin slices and set aside 2 Starch and flour are stirred with a little peanut oil to make chopsticks slide down and stand by. 3 Put more oil into the first frying pan, then …