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a dish that goes with liquor

Fruit salad

All kinds of fresh fruits are put into salad juice, which tastes good, like apples that children usually dont like to eat, and mixed with salad juice to eat, fragrant, also become like to eat! Food Material List 1 Baked Sesame Flavor in Chupi Salad Juice 1 bags 2 Apple, peach, grape, melon Appropriate amount …

Northeast Cuisine

Mashed Potato

Food Material List 1 Potato 3 2 Salad dressing 100g 3 Egg 2 4 milk 100g 5 Ham sausage Appropriate amount 6 cucumber 1 roots 7 Carrot Appropriate amount 8 Pepper Appropriate amount 9 salt Appropriate amount Operational steps 1 Preparing food 2 Steam the potatoes in a pot for 10-15 minutes, then put the …


Stir-fried Water Spinach with Fermented Bean Curd

Food Material List 1 Water spinach Operational steps 1 Wash and cut the hollow cabbage, stir-fry it for two minutes with a little oil, put Sufu milk, stir-fry it, cover the pan and bake it for three minutes. Let the hollow cabbage rot. No more seasoning. 2 This dish is extremely simple and uses only …

French cuisine

Black Rice Babao Congee

Move out all the things in the house, without any special matching, and dont care about the proportion, what to put, but it should be tonifying the kidney:) Food Material List Operational steps 1 Wash black beans, red beans and peanuts and soak them in cold water for 2 days. Wash black rice, sagebrush and …

Cold Dishes

Winter Melon and Tomato Ball Soup

Food Material List 1 Wax gourd 300g 2 tomato 1 3 Minced meat 150g 4 Egg 1 (egg white) Operational steps 1 Main material. 2 Peel and seed the wax gourd and cut it into suitable size pieces. 3 Cut tomatoes into pieces. 4 Add egg white, chicken essence, salt, shallot and ginger into the …

French cuisine

Pumpkin paste with miscellaneous grains

Pumpkin favorite is to make all kinds of paste to drink, especially in the winter warm stomach warm heart this time I added rice and millet gold partner get up early to make a cup of thick miscellaneous grain pumpkin paste can be full throughout the day. To be honest, super recommend you make some …

Northeast Cuisine

When Tubalu sweet potatoes meet noble cheese, honey and peach, love nutritionists private Kitchen Baking

I Miss roasted sweet potatoes roasted in roadside barrels when I was a kid, the kind that dripped oil. Modified formula today to make a fashionable sweet potato dessert. The nutritional balance of sweet potatoes, “Compendium of Materia Medica” records that sweet potatoes have the effect of “tonifying deficiency, strengthening strength, strengthening spleen and stomach, …


Apple asparagus juice

Functions of blood tonifying, stomach strengthening, intestinal rectification and fatigue elimination. Food Material List 1 Apple 1 2 asparagus 150g 3 Carrot 150g 4 Grape 200g 5 lemon Half Operational steps 1 Prepare materials. 2 Wash the grapes with starch. 3 Soak in salt water for half an hour. 4 Cut asparagus into small pieces, …

French cuisine

Walnut Miscellaneous Rice Soybean Milk

What to eat for breakfast in summer? Lets have a cup of walnut miscellaneous rice soybean milk. Nutrition and taste are also available. Its enough for us to face everything in the morning. Food Material List 1 soybean 1 cups 2 Miscellaneous rice Half cup Operational steps 1 Prepare soybeans, miscellaneous rice, walnut kernels 2 …

French cuisine

Cucumber kiwifruit juice

Food Material List 1 cucumber One root 2 Kiwifruit Two Operational steps 1 Cut cucumber kiwifruit into small pieces. Put in the mixer, add some honey according to your taste, and add yogurt. The effect is better. Tips A cup in the morning, detoxification and beauty