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Popcorn chicken

Food Material List 1 Chicken breast 2 breadcrumbs 3 flour 4 Cumin grain 5 Egg 6 Oyster sauce 7 Cooking wine 8 Chicken essence 9 salt Operational steps 1 Chicken breast sliced, with salt, chicken essence, cumin noodles, cooking wine, oyster oil. Marinate for about 10 minutes 2 Flour with eggs, water and batter. 3 …


French fries

Food Material List 1 Potato 350g 2 Ketchup 72g Operational steps 1 a bag of chips 2 A bag of ketchup 3 Pour the chips into the frying pan 4 Deep-fry for 2*3 minutes 5 finished product Tips


Self-made peel, hawthorn roll.

My son loves Hawthorn rolls very much, so do it yourself. Food Material List 1 Hawthorn Some 2 sugar Appropriate amount Operational steps 1 Choose fresh hawthorn, wash it, steam it in a steamer (stick it with chopsticks, its easy to penetrate it), and remove the core. Add granulated sugar and crush. The reason for …

Western-style food

Crispy potato chips

Food Material List 1 Potato Operational steps 1 Peel and slice potatoes, the thinner the better. The cut potato chips were soaked in clear water for 10 minutes, then some starch of the potato was washed off and the water was controlled. 2 If there is still water on the surface, use kitchen paper to …


Fried bananas

Food Material List 1 Banana 2 roots 2 Egg 1 only 3 breadcrumbs Appropriate amount Operational steps 1 Cut the banana into small pieces 2 Roll the cut bananas in the egg juice 3 Wrap the boiled bananas with bran and fry them in a frying pan until golden brown. 4 The work is finished! …

Western-style food

Du Mamas Five-Spice Potato Chips

When I was young, my mother would fry some potato chips, yam chips and row forks for New Years Day. Fried potato chips and yam sticks are not willing to let us eat directly. They are all stewed with some cabbage and served in a big pot. So I especially miss that taste… Food Material …

Northeast Cuisine

Pork jerky with honey sauce

Food Material List 1 Pork hind leg meat 250g Operational steps 1 After purchasing the minced meat, chop it by hand, then add all the ingredients except honey and sesame. Stir clockwise, stirring a little longer, the taste will be better. 2 Spread a layer of tin paper and oil on it. Put the minced …

Cold Dishes

Wood chaff cheese ball

Wood chaff cheese ball is my favorite food. Actually, there are many ways to search the recipe on the internet. Its so simple. Ill share my process and materials with you here, so that you can know what brand and ingredients youre eating. Food Material List 1 Kraft cream cheese 200g 2 Nestle Light Cream …

Northeast Cuisine

Fried Chicken Rice Flower

Chicken is rich in nutrients, helps to strengthen the body, contains a lot of protein, helps growth and development, chicken rice tastes good, is the delicacy of children like, but fried food calories are very high, it is best not to eat during weight loss oh! Food Material List 1 Chicken breast 300g 2 Cooking …