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Amber Walnut

Do you want to be the strongest brain? Lets eat more amber kernels.^^ Food Material List 1 Walnut kernel 2 Honey Two scoops 3 butter 20g 4 White granulated sugar Two scoops Operational steps 1 Walnut kernels are placed on a plate and heated in a microwave oven for one minute. 2 Stir in butter, …


Homemake Sesame and Peanut Sugar-Mothers Craft

I remember Grandma did it a long time ago. Its estimated that its almost 20 years apart. Its my mothers craftsmanship. Its delicious. Food Material List 1 Fried peanuts 500g 2 Fried Sesame 200g 3 Coconut silk Appropriate amount 4 sugar 5 tablets 5 Malt dust 2 tablespoons 6 oil Appropriate amount Operational steps 1 …


Peanut sticky with less sugar

Desserts are always delicious, so everything you eat wants to have a relationship with sugar. Seeing that others are doing well, follow suit and learn… Food Material List 1 Shelled peanut 500g 2 Sugar Appropriate amount Operational steps 1 Take 500 grams of peanuts and fry them in an oil-free pan over a low heat. …



Watching others do it at home feels difficult to do, has not tried, the first two days in the market to buy vegetables and see dry corn kernels, they bought a dollar to try, to succeed next time to buy, to fail only to waste a dollar, the result is really successful. Some people like …

Cold Dishes

Frosted peanuts

Food Material List 1 peanut 2 Sugar Operational steps 1 Make good use of materials. The best color is red. It looks good. 2 Blanch and fry 3 Stir-fry sugar, stir-fry fish eye blisters with water, turn off the fire and set off the fried peanuts, and keep turning up and down until the peanuts …


Peanut sticky

For the family, everyone said it was good. Thank you for the peas. Food Material List 1 Peanut meat 10g Operational steps 1 Now the peanuts are cooked in a small fire, boiled sugar, sugar boiled into peanuts, evenly sprinkled with starch, pay attention to the need to constantly stir-fry peanuts. Tips


Diy Rolled Sugar

I am a full-time mother, and sometimes its boring to take children with me at home. I usually like to study some food, because I always feel that things bought outside are not good, especially for children. So germinate to the children to start cooking, so you can rest assured that not afraid to eat …


Pepper, Salt and Peanut Rice of Dongling Magic Cloud Intelligent Bread Machine

Dongling Magic Cloud Intelligent Bread Machine is really good. The stir-frying function replaces manual stir-frying. The stir-frying function is used to stir-fry peanuts. The fried peanuts are very rosy and fragrant. They are better than roast and manual stir-frying. Food Material List 1 Peanut meat 300g Operational steps 1 Dongling Magic Cloud Intelligent Bread Machine …


Fried chestnuts in microwave oven

Children especially like to eat fried chestnuts with sugar, but once they buy less, the boss doesnt sell them, and once they buy more, they cant waste it. They always wonder if they can make it at home. Is it true that an occasional chance is on CCTV? The microwave oven fried chestnuts in the …



Nowadays, it is popular to make croissants. The raw materials made by oneself are good, healthy and delicious. It is more fun to make croissants for ones beloved. The feeling of happiness is very good. Fangzi comes from Junjun. Its slightly more complicated than the cotton candy version. It tastes good. Interested partners can try …