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Tomato Beef Ball Soup

Food Material List 1 Beef mince Appropriate amount 2 tomato Appropriate amount 3 Lotus root Appropriate amount 4 Celery Appropriate amount Operational steps 1 Add wine, salt, starch, black pepper, chicken extract and less < br /> Xu Laozuo to beef mince. Slowly add water to meat filling and stir in one direction. Stir until …

Afternoon tea

Stewed Golden Ball with Tomato Juice

Food Material List 1 Quail egg 250g 2 tomato 2 only Operational steps 1 Wash quail eggs and boil them in boiling water until they are 8-year-old. Remove the shells and dice the tomatoes. 2 Heat the oil in the pan, pour it into quail eggs and fry until golden brown. Drain the oil. 3 …


Snowball Hawthorn

Food Material List 1 Hawthorn 1 thousand G 2 White granulated sugar and raffinose 100g 3 water 50g Operational steps 1 Hawthorn first choice, wash 2 When boiling sugar, make sure it is sticky. 3 Pour into Hawthorn 4 Roll. 5 Packing H Tips


Sanxian dumplings

Food Material List 1 dumpling flour 2 Minced pork 300g 3 Fresh shrimps 4 Leek 200g 5 Egg 1 6 Ginger powder Appropriate amount Operational steps 1 Add proper salt to dumpling powder (in order to make dough gluten), add proper water and evenly, knead into dough, cover with wet cloth, wake up for 30 …


Shrimp skin dumplings with zucchini eggs

Pumpkin, also known as horn melon, is popular for its thin skin, thick flesh, juicy, buckwheat and cacao filling. It usually goes on sale in May and June. Food Material List 1 Squash 2 Dried shrimps 3 Egg 4 flour Operational steps 1 Cut the pumpkin into silk and sprinkle a little salt in the …

Afternoon tea

Braised chicken-wing potatoes

Food Material List 1 Chicken wings Two 2 Potato One 3 Dried mushroom Several Operational steps 1 Chicken wings two, cut into small pieces; potatoes one also cut into pieces, mushrooms several, wash and slice, as well as onion and ginger. 2 Heat oil in the pan, put a small amount of sugar, and stir-fry …


Fried dumplings

Food Material List 1 Glutinous Rice Balls 2 sesame Operational steps 1 Tangyuan is dipped in water first. 2 Put the sesame seeds on the plate, roll the dumplings and dip them in the sesame seeds. 3 When the oil is a little hot, fry the dumplings in a small fire. 4 Deep-fry until golden. …


Fried chicken fillet

Food Material List 1 Chicken breast 300g Operational steps 1 Cut chicken breast with shredded thumbs. Add salt, wine, pepper and milk to marinate for about 10 minutes. 2 Heat the oil in the pan until 70% hot. Pour the salted chicken fillets with excess juice. Then dip cornstarch into the pan one by one …

French cuisine

Egg cake

When I was a child, my grandpa loved this dessert made by my grandpa. My grandpas husband and mother cooked it for me, and now I cook it for them. Food Material List 1 Xiao Ciba 10 2 Egg 1 3 White granulated sugar Appropriate amount 4 Vegetable oil Appropriate amount Operational steps 1 Fresh …