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Northeast Cuisine

Waffle Ice Cream Sandwich

Waffles, a baked dessert originating in Belgium, are baked on a special pattern baking tray. According to different methods, there are muffin, cake and bread tastes. The classic combination is a variety of fruits, cheese, sauces or ice cream. Just a few days ago, I read the news that even in large brands of ice …

Northeast Cuisine

Chaff cup

In fact, its still relatively inexpensive. If you eat too much, youll get tired of it. In fact, the amount of it depends on you. My experience is that butter should not be too sweet, because biscuits are sweet. If you dig them down in one spoonful and mix them together, the butter will be …

Northeast Cuisine

Sweet plum soda

Slice the plums, put them in a cup, add soda water and put a little ice. Food Material List 1 plum Two 2 Soda A small bottle Operational steps 1 Materials used 2 Pour in soda 3 Plum slices Tips

Northeast Cuisine

Vanilla Ice Cream

Love eating Food Material List 1 Ice cream powder 400g 2 water 760ML Operational steps 1 Whisk 400 g ice cream powder 760 ml of water after 8 hours of stirring and freezing 2 Cup with your favorite snacks Tips

Northeast Cuisine

Mango Milk Drink

Method 1: Wash mango, peel, core and cut into small pieces. Peel bananas and cut them into small pieces. 2. Pour the above ingredients into the automatic soymilk machine, add milk, press the fruit and vegetable juice key, stir evenly, then pour into the cup, add sugar and stir until melted. Food Material List 1 …

Northeast Cuisine

Ice Cream with Egg Milk (Ice Sand)

Food Material List 1 egg-yolk yellow Five (big eggs) 2 Pure milk 220ml 3 Cottonseed sugar 50g Operational steps 1 Stir together 5 yolks, 50 grams of cotton sugar and 220 mL of milk. 2 Ha-ha, forgot to take photos, and then, put the stirred egg milk into the pot, heated to a slightly cooked …

a dish that goes with liquor

Corn Shoot Salad

Food Material List 1 Baby corn 2 Squash 3 Truffle 4 Carrot 5 Romaine Lettuce 6 salt 7 Sesame flavor of salad dressing 8 Ham sausage Operational steps 1 Boiled water with salt, then boiled pumpkin, corn, asparagus, mushroom, carrot, and finally scalded lettuce and ham sausage slices. 2 Sprinkle with Sesame Salad dressing, fresh …

Northeast Cuisine

Homemade fruit ice cream

Food Material List 1 Ice cream powder 1 packs 2 ice water A reel 3 Various fruits How many? 4 Yogurt 400mI 5 Condensed milk Appropriate amount Operational steps 1 Everything is ready. 2 Pour the condensed Passion Fruit Ice Cream Powder into the yogurt mixing bowl and put the ice water under it. Stir …

Northeast Cuisine

Summer miscellaneous fruit popsicles? Qixi

Sweet summer! There are four kinds of seasonal fruits at home, so you can try other fruits too! ____________ Food Material List 1 Pineapple Half a 2 Pitaya Half a 3 Peach 2 only 4 Grape Appropriate amount 5 salt Appropriate amount 6 Sugar Appropriate amount 7 milk 100ml Operational steps 1 Fruit preparation, my …