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Night snack

Favorite Egg Pack Rice

The first time we cooked egg-packed rice, when we dug a mouthful and put it in our mouth, we were really deeply convinced. The soft glutinous rice with a little crisp egg skin, wrapped in the fresh aroma of vegetables and the mellow taste of rice, as well as the sour and sweet taste of …


Dried squid

Pushing a cup for a change is something every man enjoys talking about. When there is wine on the table, it is necessary to make a small dish for drinking. Big fish and big meat are bold but lack the taste of a few drinks, and light vegetables are a little sour. At this time, …

Beijing cuisine

Pineapple Yogurt Shrimp Mixed with Udonghum

Grandma, who has always been frugal, brought back a Philippine pineapple to her baby one day, so she was inspired to make this kind of shrimp-fruit noodles filled with deep love. The delicacy of fresh shrimp is blended with fresh, sweet and juicy pineapple, and then with rich yogurt! Super suitable for a hot summer …

Beijing cuisine

Simple delicious egg-wrapped rice

Food Material List 1 Egg Two 2 Ketchup Appropriate amount 3 Scallion Few 4 Steamed Rice Bowl 5 salt Few 6 Coriander Few Operational steps 1 Beat eggs with salt and onion. 2 Heat the oil and put it into the shape of the egg liquid without tube. Fry until five or six seconds, turn …


Cumin Fish Tofu

Do not like roast fish and tofu, or make it cleaner at home Food Material List 1 Fish Tofu A small plate 2 Cumin Appropriate amount 3 Black pepper Appropriate amount 4 Cooking oil A little more than when stir-frying Operational steps 1 A small plate 2 Oil in the pan and cook over low …

Beijing cuisine

Curry Ham Tomato Rice

Food Material List 1 Ham sausage 2 roots 2 Tomatoes 1 3 Potato Half 4 Carrot Half root 5 Steamed Rice Two bowls 6 salt 3G 7 Curry powder 15g 8 water Appropriate amount Operational steps 1 Tomatoes, carrots, potatoes, cut into small pieces 2 Cut two ham sausages into pieces 3 Stir-fry tomatoes, carrots …

Night snack

Japanese Egg Pack Rice with Egg Sauce

Food Material List 1 Half a tomato 2 Dried mushroom 1 3 onion 14 4 Mixed vegetables Few 5 Cheese slices 1 tablets 6 Black pepper Few 7 butter Few 8 salt Few 9 milk Few 10 Rice Bowl 11 Tomato sauce Appropriate amount Operational steps 1 Mix tomatoes, mushrooms, diced onions and vegetables. Put …

Beijing cuisine


Food Material List 1 Onion, ginger, mushroom, cucumber, carrot, 250g Operational steps 1 Stir-fry the rice with eggs and put it there for reserve. Make the inside of the egg bag into dumpling shape by frying the eggshell in a pan. Tips

a dish that goes with liquor


Wen Ming. . # Soup tofu soup tofu originated from Suzhai, and began to spread widely in Edo era. Food Material List 1 Bean curd A block 2 Scallion Appropriate amount 3 ginger Appropriate amount 4 Japanese Sweet Soy Sauce Appropriate amount 5 Skipper fillet Appropriate amount Operational steps 1 Cut tofu into pieces and …

Beijing cuisine


I like to eat octopus stew, which is expensive to sell outside. I do it by myself without buying a pot. I switch to Osaka stew, which tastes almost the same. I dont have any additives. I have enough ingredients. Food Material List 1 Octopus foot Appropriate amount 2 Low gluten powder 100g 3 Egg …