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Northeast Cuisine

Watermelon ice cream

This recipe has been searched for a long time. Its easy to make and tastes good. This time, we used various shapes of silica gel ice molds, and the rest were dug and eaten in metal pots, which made it more sensible. Food Material List 1 watermelon 150g 2 Egg 3 3 milk 50ml 4 …

Northeast Cuisine

Yogurt fruit cereal

Food Material List 1 Kiwi fruit Half 2 Banana Half 3 Yogurt Two boxes 4 Caleby oatmeal Appropriate amount 5 Blueberry Appropriate amount Operational steps 1 Peel and slice kiwifruit, slice banana, set aside. 2 Then pour a layer of yogurt into the cup, a layer of oatmeal and some banana kiwifruit. (You can see …

Northeast Cuisine

Fruit-flavored yoghurt

Food Material List 1 Nectarine 2 Red-core pitaya fruit 3 Purified water 4 Yogurt Operational steps 1 Cut nectarines into small pieces and take three to four pieces. 2 Put pitaya fruit and pure water into the juicer to squeeze the juice 3 Pour yogurt in a cup 4 Add nectarines in a yogurt cup …

Northeast Cuisine

Mango Ice Cream

This is what I personally studied. Food Material List 1 Mango 200g Operational steps 1 Take down the mango meat first. 2 Pull the juicer out again. 3 Then pull out the ice cream head. 4 Start squeezing, 5 Just put the ice cream in the refrigerator. Tips

Northeast Cuisine

Cranberry Honey Cake Roll

Food Material List 1 Low powder 60g 2 Egg 3 3 Honey 15g 4 sugar 15g 5 Vegetable oil 20g 6 milk 40g Operational steps 1 Mix vegetable oil and milk evenly 2 Add yolk in turn (whites in a slightly larger pot) 3 Sift the starch into the yolk paste and stir well. 4 …

Northeast Cuisine

Six inch Mango Mousse

Food Material List 1 Six-inch Mango Mousse Cake 2 Mango 300g 3 milk 80g 4 Unsalted butter 200g 5 water Sixty 6 sugar 50g 7 Digestive biscuit 100g 8 butter 40g 9 Dingji powder 15g Operational steps 1 Crumble digestive biscuits, add melted butter, mix well, and press in a 6-inch die. Tips

a dish that goes with liquor

Fresh Fruit Salad

I like fruit very much, but I cant taste all kinds of fruit at the same time. So, I want to make a bowl of fruit salad, you can eat all kinds of delicious fruit at the same time. Food Material List 1 Apple 1 2 Yali Pear 1 3 Orange 8 valves 4 Litchi …