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Private dishes

Yu-Shiang Shredded Pork

Food Material List 1 lean pork 200g 2 Water fat fungus 25g 3 Aqua Magnolia Tablets 25g Operational steps 1 Cut pork into silk about 7 cm long and 0.5 cm thick. Cut Magnolia slices and agaric into shreds. Fill with shredded meat in a bowl. Mix with refined salt and wet starch. 2 Place …

Private dishes

Mapo Tofu

Food Material List 1 minced pork 1 two 2 Bean curd 1 boxes Operational steps 1 Cut tofu into pieces of moderate size, put them in boiling water, add a little salt, and set aside. 2 Cut ginger into foam, chop Pixian soybean paste into mud, and stack soybean sauce into roses with back down. …

Private dishes

Green pepper stuffed meat

Food Material List 1 Pork 100g 2 green pepper 200g Operational steps 1 First, chop pork into pieces, add 1 spoon salt, 1 spoon food, wine and ginger into the minced meat, mix well with chopsticks. 2 Clean up the green pepper seeds and stuff the pre-prepared minced pork into them. 3 Turn on the …