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Cold Dishes

Dry pot organic cauliflower

Food Material List 1 Cauliflower One piece 2 Streaky pork 200g 3 Carrot Half Operational steps 1 Wash the cauliflower, break it into small pieces and cut the carrot into small pieces. 2 Cut the pork into spare parts 3 Cut pepper, ginger and garlic in reserve 4 Fry the pork in oil. Place the …


Household halogen noodles

When I was young, my favorite meal was Moms caring meal. The villagers in Shaanxi eat garlic. Food Material List 1 Fresh noodles 250g 2 Kidney bean Five 3 Potato 1 4 A garlic bolt 4 roots 5 Cabbage Less than half 6 cucumber 1 roots 7 Fried bean curd some 8 Streaky pork 100g …


Dry-fried cabbage

Food Material List 1 Cabbage Operational steps 1 First put the cooking oil into the pot, and then put the cabbage into the frying, half-cooked when you can put other ingredients in, fry for a while can be served up to eat, the steps are simple! Tips


Sour and spicy shredded potatoes

Its really hard to make potato shreds. Stir-fried fire must be good!!! Food Material List 1 Potato 3 Operational steps 1 Wipe the potatoes and drain them. If the knife is good, it will taste different. 2 Hot oil (oil drips along the edge of the pot so that the potato shreds dont stick to …


Self-made fish floss

The weather in Suzhou is very hot these days. The meat floss is out of stock at home. I dont know why Xiaobao liked to eat all kinds of meat floss from childhood. He put it in porridge, sushi and even used it to accompany his meal. Pork floss is also our local specialty, but …


Fried shredded meat with lettuce

Food Material List 1 Lettuce 350g 2 Shredded meat 50g Operational steps 1 Cut meat into shreds, it is best to have fat and thin, fried vegetables have fat meat, so fried out fragrant! 2 Cut lettuce into shreds 3 The pot is heated, put the meat in, stir-fry it, wait for the fragrance, like …

Cold Dishes

Fried noodles, super simple and delicious

This fried noodle is very suitable for a person who is too lazy to cook, healthy and delicious. Food Material List 1 Surface of the water 150g 2 Egg 1 3 garlic 1 4 Ham sausage 1 roots 5 Scallion 3~4 root Operational steps 1 Stir-fried slices of ham (lean meat can also be shredded, …


Scrambled Eggs with Tomato

Compare meals! Husband likes eating very much Food Material List 1 Tomatoes Three each 2 Egg Operational steps 1 Wash the tomatoes and cut them into small pieces. 2 Break up eggs and set aside 3 Stir-fry eggs in a small amount of oil 4 Stir-fry tomatoes in soup, then add eggs and salt to …


Fried pork with sweet and sour sauce

Food Material List 1 Tenderloin 2 Ketchup Operational steps 1 Change the tenderloin into a knife. Cut it into pieces. 2 After cutting. Add the appropriate ingredients and salt to marinate for a while. 3 Take a container. Pour in some water and starch to make a paste. Add a modified tenderloin 4 Oil in …


Sour pepper and lotus root

Food Material List 1 Lotus root 2 Red pickled pepper 1 3 Small green pickled pepper 7-8 4 Pickled Ginger 2 small pieces Operational steps 1 First peel the lotus root (which can be used by the aunt who sells vegetables), then wash it, cut the lotus root into small pieces and soak it in …