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Food Material List 1 High powder 210g 2 Low powder 56g Operational steps 1 First make soup seeds: 100 grams of water + 20 grams of high powder, stirring uniformly heated to 65 degrees off fire, covered with fresh-keeping film for cooling. 2 Knead noodles: My Dongling 1038 bread machine, first put egg juice, soup …


Lemon Jelly

Food Material List 1 agar 50g 2 sugar Appropriate amount 3 lemon 6 Operational steps 1 Let the agar bubble first. Then wash the lemon and cut it in half and press it into juice. 2 Boil with water, add some sugar, and then boil with agar. 3 Add lemon juice and stir until the …


Sweet stewed snow pear

Food Material List 1 Yali Pear One Operational steps 1 Cut the pear in half and put the sugar in the middle of the pear. Steam for 10 minutes. Mix in a small amount of honey after boiling. Tips Lung moistening is necessary in this season of foggy weather and sunny days. Do it by …


Potted milkshake

In fact, Olios following things can be put on their own preferences and finally made like a potted plant.~ Food Material List 1 Banana 1 roots 2 milk About 150-200 ml 3 Oreo 4 Mint Operational steps 1 Remove Oreo from the sandwich and crush it. 2 Break the banana into small pieces and put …


Homemade canned sugar yellow peach

Master Xie has always loved canned yellow peaches. Its just the season. He must get up. Food Material List 1 Yellow peach 1000g 2 Crystal sugar 180g 3 Purified water Appropriate amount 4 salt A bit of 5 Lemon juice 5 drops Operational steps 1 Peel and core yellow peaches and cut into eight pieces. …

Night snack

Honey pickled lemon

Food Material List 1 lemon 2 Honey (or sugar) Operational steps 1 Cut the lemon into slices and put it in a jar (the jar must be washed clean and scalded with hot water) 2 Sprinkle honey so that every piece of lemon is covered with honey (some people use white sugar, but honey is …


Apple Pie

Food Material List 1 Folding pie 160g 2 Apple 1 3 butter 12g 4 Berry sugar 12g 5 Almond butter stuffing: butter 10g 6 Egg 10g 7 almond powder 10g 8 Berry sugar 10g Operational steps 1 Place the pie on the table sprayed with hand powder, roll it into a 25 cm x 17 …


Chocolate milk pudding + Lemon pudding

Food Material List 1 milk 1 bags 2 Hershey Chocolate Sauce 3 Lemon Fruit Treasure Operational steps 1 Baili gel tablet, ice water bubble, hair water. The milk is heated with 3 spoons of sugar and the fruit is brewed. 2 1 packets of cow Bailey gel milk 1 and a half, warm milk into …

Northeast Cuisine

New York cheese cake

This New York Cheese cake was made by referring to cherrys recipe, because it is a beginner, so the ingredients are basically referring to cherrys recipe, but the amount of cream cheese I reduced to 200 g, in the baking temperature and time has been adjusted. This cheese cake is really delicate, especially when its …


Pumpkin pie

Food Material List 1 Pumpkin 2 Glutinous rice flour Operational steps 1 Steam pumpkin, add glutinous rice flour and mix well. 2 Mixed pumpkin mud is made into balls, flattened and pasted with bread bran. 3 Deep-fry in oil pan until golden brown. Tips