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Northeast Cuisine

Rice cooker cake

I tried several times to find a more successful recipe for electric rice cooker cake. Its more casual and doesnt weigh as many grams as anything. Because I didnt think of the recipe until I finished this time, I didnt take any pictures. Next time, Ill fill it up! Food Material List 1 Egg 6 …

Northeast Cuisine

Cranberry cookies

Mothers Day is to give her a gift, thinking that her mother likes to eat cranberries, so make one. I hope my mother is sweet in her heart. Food Material List 1 Low-gluten flour 350g 2 Soup 150g 3 butter 250g 4 Cranberry 125g (more if you lig) 5 Egg 1 Operational steps 1 1. …

a dish that goes with liquor

Portuguese juice wax gourd ball

Iceland “Portuguese”. Food Material List 1 Wax gourd Operational steps 1 Wash the wax gourd and dig it into balls with a ball digger. 2 Watermelon ball boiling water, water boiling again can be fished out of the cool water. 3 Grape juice and blackcurrant juice are blended at 1:2 and a small amount of …


Mocha frozen cheese

Is it better to have a refreshing Mocha frozen cheese on a hot summer day? Food Material List 1 butter 25g 2 Sugar-free digestive biscuits 50g 3 milk 100g 4 Granulated sugar 30g 5 Cream cheese 200g Operational steps 1 First crush sugar-free digestive biscuits 2 Soften the butter in hot water to a liquid. …

Northeast Cuisine

Chesse & Tomato Toast

Food Material List 1 toast Several films 2 Tomato sauce Appropriate amount 3 Masurilla cheese crushed Some Operational steps 1 Apply tomato sauce to toast according to your taste. 2 Top with Samar Surrilla cheese crumbs (try to cover the whole piece of bread with cheese) 3 Preheat oven to 180 degrees and bake for …


Sami purple potato pudding

The most favorite dessert to eat is baked litchi Rong Ximi Budian, Baidu made one of its own, delicious! Food Material List 1 Purple potatoes or taro will do. 2 Dry Sago 30g 3 milk 150g 4 corn starch 15g 5 Whole egg 1 only 6 coconut milk 50g 7 Granulated sugar 25g 8 Unsalted …



I saw the recipe on a blog and thought it was a simple try. It was a good and successful recipe. Food Material List 1 butter 75g 2 Berry sugar Fifty 3 Yolk 2 4 Low powder 100g 5 Baking powder 3G 6 milk 40g Operational steps 1 Softening butter at room temperature and whitening …


durian ice cream

Food Material List 1 milk 100ml 2 Unsalted butter 300ml 3 White granulated sugar 70g 4 Durian 300g 5 Yolk 4 only Operational steps 1 Place yolk and 40 grams of sugar in a beating bowl and whiten the egg until the egg is white. 2 Pour milk, light cream and remaining sugar into the …

Northeast Cuisine

Six inch Mango Mousse

Food Material List 1 Six-inch Mango Mousse Cake 2 Mango 300g 3 milk 80g 4 Unsalted butter 200g 5 water Sixty 6 sugar 50g 7 Digestive biscuit 100g 8 butter 40g 9 Dingji powder 15g Operational steps 1 Crumble digestive biscuits, add melted butter, mix well, and press in a 6-inch die. Tips


Summer porridge

The best drink for summer heat dissipation in hot summer. Food Material List 1 Sugar Snap Peas 1/3 bag 2 Crushed ice Appropriate amount Operational steps 1 Prepare crushed ice and put it in a bowl. 2 Put the honey beans in a bowl. 3 Add yellow peaches and other fruits you like 4 Sprinkle …