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Watermelon Tremella Decoction

Food Material List 1 Tremella Seven or eight flowers 2 Chinese wolfberry at will 3 Watermelon cucumber at will Operational steps 1 Wash Tremella for two hours, add wolfberry and boil for two hours. 2 Cool well and add watermelon cucumber 3 Refrigerate for an hour Tips


Cranberry Cake Roll

Food Material List 1 Low powder 80g 2 Egg 4 3 glycoprotein 30g 4 Sugar egg yolk 10g 5 oil 50g 6 milk 50g 7 Vinegar A few 8 Cranberry A few Operational steps 1 Protein and vinegar, separated with sugar, wet foaming 2 Mix egg yolk with sugar, oil, milk, and starch. 3 Mix …


Durian Cheese Cake

Food Material List 1 Digestive biscuits 80g 2 Melt butter 35g 3 milk 10g Operational steps 1 Roll the digestive biscuits, add melted butter and milk, mix well, pour into the bottom of the mould, press with a spoon, then freeze in the refrigerator for 10 minutes to fix the biscuit bottom. Durian pulp is …


Bakewell tart

Food Material List 1 Tapi: Butter 75g 2 Powdered sugar 20g (original 30g) 3 Whole egg juice 30g 4 Low powder 125g 5 salt A handful Operational steps 1 Cut the butter into small pieces, add sugar and salt, and let it fluffy. 2 Add egg liquid in succession, stirring evenly every time you add …



Food Material List 1 Egg 1 jin 2 Soft sugar 200g 3 water 200g 4 Honey 100g Operational steps 1 First, mix eggs with sugar at medium speed in a mixer, then add water and honey to mix well, and beat them at high speed. 2 Mix the powder into paste and use the laminated …


Pumpkin glutinous rice paste

Food Material List 1 pumpkin puree 100g 2 Glutinous rice flour 80g Operational steps 1 Pumpkin peeled slices steamed (about 15 minutes) 2 Pour out water and press into pumpkin paste. Add glutinous rice flour and knead into dough. 3 Divide the dough into about 7 small doses and add the bean paste filling to …


Coconut Snowball

Food Material List 1 protein 2 2 Coconut silk 110g 3 Low powder 20g Operational steps 1 Remove two proteins from egg distributor for use 2 Put protein, sugar powder, coconut shreds and starch in a pot, knead 3 Knead the coconut flour balls tightly and put a layer of coconut silk on the baking …


Passion Fruit Honey Frozen Cheese

The 8th Anniversary cake for two colleagues was made with great emotion. There are only 8 years in our life. What have we gained in the 8 years dedicated to this company? Ouch, lyricism is not my dish, or dont lament blindly that the structure is simple, the bottom of honey sponge cake, Honey Jelly …


Tea yoghurt

Everyone said that tea can lose weight or something, but I do not believe that those sugar or greasy tea cake, tea biscuits, tea milk tea or anything has this effect…. But plaster tea yoghurt is different, yoghurt can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, but the effect is great ~then the combination of the two is a …


Jujube Yam Lily Decoction

Food Material List 1 Red dates 2 Chinese yam 3 Lily 4 Chinese wolfberry 5 Crystal sugar Operational steps 1 Peel and cut yam into pieces. Rinse jujube, Lily and wolfberry. Put water in the pot. Add ice sugar, jujube and yam to boil for about 30 minutes. Add wolfberry and Lily to boil for …