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Pork Blood and Bamboo Porridge

Food Material List 1 rice 2 Porcine blood 3 Glutinous rice 4 Red dates 5 Yuba 6 bedin Operational steps 1 Soak jujube and rot bamboo in advance, wash and reserve them, and clean and reserve them with baiting. 2 When soaking rice, add a little salt and sesame oil to make porridge taste more …


Red Bean and Coix Rice and Red Jujube Soup

Compared with mung beans, I prefer the sandy taste of red beans, and add the damp-removing Coix rice, which is a healthy dessert in the afternoon. Food Material List 1 Red bean 300g 2 Job tears 150g 3 Big red dates 6 grains Operational steps 1 Prepare the ingredients and wash them. The amount of …

Western-style food

Blood-enriching brown sugar eggs

Food Material List 1 Egg One 2 Chinses Angelica 30g 3 Astragalus membranaceus 15g Operational steps 1 Wash Angelica sinensis and Astragalus membranaceus. 2 The eggs with shells are cooked in white water and put in cold water to cool and shell. 3 Boil Angelica sinensis, Astragalus membranaceus and brown sugar together. Add eggs and …

French cuisine

Red Bean Soup

Food Material List 1 Red bean Appropriate amount Operational steps 1 Soak red beans before going to bed at night and use them early the next morning. 2 Boiled red bean soup water volume control it, like to drink more water soup. Like me, I like red bean paste. It can put twice the amount …


Jujube peanut pulp

Food Material List 1 peanut 1 measuring cup 2 Seedless jujube 13 cups Operational steps 1 Pour peanuts in a cold pot and stir-fry them slowly. 2 Date is washed with water (if you buy peanut kernels, you should also rinse them with water at this time, but if you use shelled peanuts like me, …


Fish-flavored duck blood

Learn a fish sauce, what blood, what konjac, all the fishy food into a delicious meal! Food Material List 1 Duck blood A block 2 Konjak A box of Operational steps 1 Wash the duck blood konjac and rinse it with cold water. Chopped shallot 2 Bowl Juice No. 1: 1 spoon oyster oil, 1 …


Spinach mixed with peanuts

Food Material List 1 Sesame Few 2 peanut Few 3 Spinach 300g Operational steps 1 Spinach is washed, boiled water is cooked and extruded water, then cut into seasonings, sesame, cooked peanuts, mix all, use bitter chrysanthemum and embellishment can be, according to the taste can also be sprinkled with sesame sauce. Tips


Sauted liver tip

Food Material List 1 Pork liver 2 Fungus 3 Red Pepper 4 yellow pepper Operational steps 1 Auricularia auricula was washed with warm water and soaked in clear water. 2 Cut the pig liver into thin slices. 3 Cut red and yellow pepper into pieces, chop onion, ginger and garlic. 4 Pig liver sliced with …