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Sauteed Tofu, Home Style

Food Material List 1 Bean curd 1 pieces 2 Scallion Appropriate amount 3 garlic Appropriate amount 4 Pepper Appropriate amount 5 Bean paste Appropriate amount 6 salt Appropriate amount 7 Soy sauce Appropriate amount Operational steps 1 First, preheat the pan, pour in some oil, stir-fry onions and garlic, add bean paste, dried chilli, stir-fry, …


Spicy hot bean curd

Food Material List 1 Old tofu 1 pieces Operational steps 1 Cut old tofu into small pieces and set aside. 2 Cut the ingredients into dices. 3 Start the pan and add chopped pepper to make it spicy. 4 Chop pepper, do not stir-fry, add garlic to continue 5 After the fragrance comes out, add …


Spiced bean curd

Food Material List 1 Bean curd 6 pieces 2 lean meat 150g Operational steps 1 Lean meat is cut into minced meat. 2 Oil the hot pot and brown the tofu on both sides. 3 Put proper amount of salt and sauce according to your taste. 4 Put the minced meat in the pot and …

Cold Dishes

Home tofu

Food Material List 1 North tofu 1 pieces Operational steps 1 Cut tofu into thin slices and sprinkle some salt before and after. 2 Cut the scallions into thin slices. 3 4 teaspoons soy sauce and 1 teaspoon sugar. 4 Then add garlic puree, sesame oil, sugar, pepper, sake and water to make seasoning sauce. …


Fish-flavored tofu

Food Material List 1 Bean curd 2 pieces 2 Fungus 3 flower 3 Carrot One root 4 sugar 2 scoops 5 Vinegar 1 scoops 6 Ketchup 2 scoops 7 starch Appropriate amount 8 Lantern pepper Half 9 garlic 3 pieces 10 Chive Appropriate amount 11 Edible oil Appropriate amount 12 salt Appropriate amount Operational steps …


Hot and sour lotus root

Food Material List 1 The lotus root 350g 2 Garlic Appropriate amount 3 Dry pepper Appropriate amount 4 Scallion One root 5 Vinegar Two spoons 6 Edible salt Appropriate amount Operational steps 1 Put some cooking oil into the pot, stir-fry garlic, pepper and lotus root, stir-fry until the lotus root is white, add white …


Double pepper and dried peanuts

Food Material List 1 Aromatic dry 2 pieces 2 peanut 100g 3 green pepper 50g 4 Red pepper 50g Operational steps 1 Wash and dice fragrantly. 2 Diced green and red pepper; 3 Wash peanuts; 4 Oil in hot pot, stir-fry peanuts until eight ripe, stir-fry green and red pepper and tofu cubes, season with …

Afternoon tea

Flammulina velutipes with sour pepper and fat

Food Material List 1 Beef Roll 2 Flammulina velutipes 3 Pickled pepper Operational steps 1 1. Flammulina velutipes to make water and fertilizer cattle to make water. 2. Heat oil in a hot pot and pour ginger and garlic into it. Stir-fry ginger and garlic in a sauce, soy sauce and salt. Finally, add the …

staple food

Mapo Tofu

Summer appetizers Food Material List 1 Bean curd 8 pieces 2 Minced meat 100g 3 Red bean paste 1 scoops Operational steps 1 Rinse tofu, drain and cut into small pieces. Chop garlic, millet and scallion pepper into small pieces. 2 Heat the pan with oil for 7 minutes, stir-fry garlic and millet pepper until …


Household hot and sour potato shreds

Food Material List 1 Potato 1 Operational steps 1 Shredded onion, ginger and garlic 2 Shredded potatoes and chilled water 3 Fry the shredded scallions and ginger in a frying pan 4 Add shredded potatoes, stir-fry shredded green and red peppers and leave the pot. Tips