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Afternoon tea

Hot and sour lotus root

This dish was originally sweet and sour, but I like to eat hot and sour dishes slightly. Food Material List 1 Lotus root 1 quarter Operational steps 1 Wash and peel lotus root 2 First slice, then slice, and then make small segments. After water, soak in a basin. 3 Heat the pan and pour …


Minced meat and tofu cubes

Food Material List 1 Bean curd 250g 2 Minced meat 100g Operational steps 1 Chop meat, add proper amount of soy sauce, salt, chicken powder and starch, stir well and set aside. 2 Cut tofu into cubes and dig out the middle part 3 Fill in the hollow place of tofu with the cured meat …


Fresh Bird Mapo Bean Curd Crispy Sausage

Its so simple that I havent been in the kitchen. Tofu and crispy sausage have a different flavor. Food Material List 1 Bean curd Appropriate amount 2 minced pork Appropriate amount 3 Bean paste 4 Garlic and onion 5 Pepper 6 Euryale powder 7 Crisp intestine Operational steps 1 Cut tofu into cubes, slice crisp …


Mapo Tofu

Food Material List 1 Minced meat I bought three yuan (not too much) 2 Bean curd The amount of two yuan 3 Onion, ginger, garlic, pepper, bean paste, powder Appropriate amount Operational steps 1 Prepare the ingredients first (the potato basket is not) 2 Hot oil, add onion, ginger and garlic, stir-fry, then add minced …


Hot and sour pig hoof

Pig hooves are rich in collagen. They are delicious, but they are easily greasy. So I created this hot and sour pigs hoof. Its not greasy to eat all kinds of food. Haha… Food Material List 1 Pigs trotters 1 2 Ginger, fragrant leaves, cinnamon, anise, dried pepper, bean paste, soy sauce, oyster sauce, cooking …


Chicken Stewed Tofu

Chicken-stewed tofu is named after the tofu which is like chickens foot-scratched tofu. Today Id like to introduce a spicy chicken stewed tofu. Food Material List 1 Bean curd A block 2 Pork Appropriate amount Operational steps 1 Tofu is crushed by hand. Lao Peng reminds us that tofu can remove the smell of beans …


Boiled tofu with Zijiang pickles

Unconsciously it is autumn, autumn to eat more sour, coincidentally Aunt brought her own pickled pickles, especially pickled cabbage, I this weekend for my family on a pickled cabbage boiled tofu, plus their own pickled ginger, the taste of pickled cabbage absorbed by tofu, coupled with pre-fried tofu, tender taste ligaments, with soup. The sour …

Sichuan cuisine

Yuzhu chicken shreds

When spring comes, will summer be far behind? Sisters, hurry up and get rid of the flesh! For fatty liver, hyperglycemia, want to lose weight, scientific diet is very important, diet should be low fat, low salt, low sugar, high protein, while appropriate exercise, so as to consume fat, rather than hungry stomach to lose …


Household-Tri-color Tofu

Food Material List 1 Lactose tofu (box tofu) A box of 2 Broccoli 50g 3 Fresh peas (peel peas by yourself) 200g (whole pea weight without peeling) 4 Carrot Half root Operational steps 1 Peel peas and peel them (then eat, sleep, play a joke) and wash them. 2 Cut the broccoli and change it …


Hot and Sour Cucumber Strips

Hot and sour taste, appetizer! Food Material List 1 cucumber Operational steps 1 Cucumber slices 2 Reserve onions 3 Add onion, salt, sesame oil, vinegar, a little soy sauce, chili oil. 4 Fully agitate, ride the plate to Tips